Yvonne Léon: Singular Designer Jewellery

After seducing the most sophisticated stores in Europe and indeed through out the world with her jewellery, designer Yvonne Léon has just completed another stage of her success – by opening her own jewellery boutique in the chic Rive Gauche in Paris.

I had the opportunity to meet Yvonne Leon in her new store that is fantastically decorated, almost like a “Boudoir of Preciousness”. It’s a fitting showroom for her beautiful jewellery and as usual I was totally seduced by her talent and innovative way that she combines all those precious  ”ingredients” of  gold, diamonds, rubies, pearls and other precious stones into unique pieces.


Graduated from the prestigious French school of fashion and design ESMOD, Yvonne Leon worked some time as a stylist before deciding to dedicate herself fulltime to her great passion: jewellery.

There is something fabulous about everything this Parisian touches – she explains that she seeks inspiration by strolling through antique jewellery markets, museums, antique shops and animal bestiaries (her great passion) as she became known for her jewellery that explores nature and animals.



Yvonne mixes with sophistication and balance opposites aesthetic between vintage and avant-garde style – the result is earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings with precious stones and different materials with a modern twist.



This innovative spirit, Yvonne brings from family of jewellers, the design became known for her ‘dessous d’oreille’ earring – which means in French to wear the earlobe. These creations became the “signature” of the brand Yvonne Léon were inspired a creation made by his father in the 80s.


“My father designed an earring for my mother in the 80’s to dress her ear without her needing to pierce it again. This little story made me want to rework this creation with different gems, in a new spirit of alternative jewels, “reveals the designer.

In the store, a complete collection with dozens of options for you “dress” your ear with luxurious jewellery of daring design for those who appreciate unusual pieces.

We want them all!  It is not by chance that the celebrity Rihanna is seen wearing her earrings or rings. An address to write down in the list of “must visit” places to see, if you appreciate jewellery as if it were small works of art.


  • Yvonne Léon – PARIS
  • 25, Rue du vieux Colombier
  • 75006 Paris
  • 01 43 25 36 39


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