What NOT to pack when traveling abroad

You are excited with your next trip … ready to enjoy Paris, London, Milan, Lisbon …

All seems perfect until you start to pack your bag … a real nightmare!

Many people find it organise their suitcase. And I confess that, as a “professional traveler”, packing and organising my travel bag has always been very boring.

But over the years and many miles around the world, there are definitely some items which do not come in my suitcase.

So I decided to make a short list of them.

#High Heels …… In Europe, regardless of the city you are visiting, you walk A LOT!                  Not to mention that many cities have streets and cobblestone walkways – the perfect trap for you to get stuck and break an ankle!

Enjoy the tennis shoes trend, turned into a “super-modern-cool-chic” and join this team. Comfortable shoes are the “soul” of a trip’s success. If you plan to go out to a more elegant location, wear a pretty flat shoe.

I promise you that in European cities, NOBODY is paying attention to their feet!

#Several coats – Be sensible like a man! They take just ONE coat!                                              If you are traveling in winter, you can even take two coats … One in your carry-on luggage, the other in your suitcase. But really, if you only carry one – beautiful and neutral – black, beige or gray – you are ready for all occasions.

Try to be creative with the long sleeve pieces, because in Europe, once you enter a place, you are overcome with the heating.

The best are the cardigans that you can take off easily. And if you want to buy a jacket in Europe, let me recommend one of the best sellers of travel jackets – called…Uniqlo store (there are hundreds throughout Europe).                 This Japanese brand sells jackets for only 60 euros in all colours, comfortable, light and warm that can be rolled up the size of your hand and weight less than an orange! I even sometimes use mine as a pillow …

#Things that are sold everywhere – Shampoo, soap – I always carry a little pack that is just enough to get there. Then I go to a pharmacy, supermarket or cosmetics store and buy what I need for my stay. Besides good quality and price, you already have a beautiful memory of the place you are visiting.

#Cosmetics – Please, have you heard of travel packaging?                                                      Well buy and use. … bring what you actually use in small packages and if you can, buy cosmetics on your trip. In Europe, prices are great – both in specialty stores like Sephora and in supermarkets where you find creams that cost usually cost a fortune at home – a true holiday bargain!  If you’re in France, the Monoprix supermarket is top for toiletries – and Boots chain of pharmacey stores is top in England and Ireland.

# Jewellery –  I love jewelry and in Europe, you can wear them without any problems. But on a trip, avoid bringing high-value pieces or that have special significance. Choose simple accessories, which can be combined with most of your clothes.

#Books – Reading is a great hobby, but if you can avoid the weight of a book in your bag, thats even better.  E-books are more interesting options and in addition, many hotels and hostels also have “libraries” where you borrow books.

# Lots of clothes – At the moment of indecision about what you will wear during the tour, many people end up putting too many items in their luggage and that, most of the time, do not match each other. Worse still, when you reach your destination, you realize that you “have nothing to wear” or that you have taken inappropriate clothing.

To help with this, answer a few questions:

  • Do you really need two changes of clothes a day on a trip?
  • What is the temperature expected during your holiday?
  • Are you sure the clothes you’re wearing fit together and fit you?
  • Do you intend to make purchases at your destination?

Keep in mind that LESS of a trip is MORE.

And you will be very proud of the suitcase that has even space for your “souvenirs”!

Bonne voyage !


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