Veste Couture: Portuguese Stars on the Red Carpet!

I love lucky days! Those days when you least expect it and you find yourself in the right place at the right time… Life takes care of the rest… to ensure you bump into certain people and find certain places!

During my visit to Portugal, I decided to visit one of the capital’s most famous boutiques, Veste Couture, a label that specialises in brands dedicated to evening wear and luxury prêt-à-porter… special outfits for special moments. Therefore it was no surprise when I unexpectedly met two famous Portuguese personalities, Lili and Mariza. Two very different personalities but when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for a particular occasion they both know where to look.

I loved meeting Lili Caneças, one of Portugal’s most famous socialites. Throughout the years, Lili has shared her «savoir-vivre» as a television presenter and reality television host. She was a journalist for many newspapers and magazines and today her presence is requested at all the country’s major events.

Lili had come to the boutique to find a dress that she could wear to a ball organised by RTP 1 (Portuguese television). A wonderful encounter! Between the exchange of ideas and the diverse array of subjects we discussed, it really was a pleasure to meet… I was struck by her consideration when she said the following phrase, which I really appreciated, when saying goodbye: “Surround yourself with beautiful things, but especially ensure your life is a place of beauty…” (Pope Benoit XVI).






The setting was fantastic… I fell in love with the ‘dancer’ mannequin which was in the centre of the boutique displayed like a work of art. Milay (I adore you!)… The very kind and friendly store owner put aside the time to show me the collections of Jenny Packham, Gemy Maalouf, Ugo Zaldi, Gattinolli, Elisabetta Franchi, when suddenly who enters the boutique but… Mariza Mariza, Mariza (I just want to sing your name!).



Mariza is a Portuguese muse and is currently the most important fado singer in the country. She is an exceptional artist and a superstar with a unique voice that has become a national interest. She has given a fresh image to the world of fado, her modern and bold approach is completely different to the typical artist associated with the genre. Her ‘dandy-rock’ look is very modern as her cropped blonde hair contrasts with her dark skin. Mariza is astonishing with a bright smile and an exceptional voice. She was in ‘Veste Couture’ to find an outfit for her concert in Paris. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo of her (as I required permission from her manager L), but no doubt I regard my memories of the encounter as very precious.

With great clientele like these, is there a need to describe what you can find in Veste Couture? I have already planned a visit to Milay, but for your next appearance on the ‘red carpet’… Get a direct flight to Lisbon!









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