Ultrachic: Creativity In Fashion

Some brands definitively have a powerful artistic identity. It is because they have been successfully been able to push the limits of their own creative imagination to express a unique and individual identity, which is the first step on the road to success.
“Ultrachic” is one of those brands. This Italian brand does not follow standard classifications. Every season it tells a new story – romantic and ironic – always with a rock n’ roll touch, the collections always recognizable for its unique use of prints and design.

The secret of these enthusiastic and fun collections of “Ultrachic” is its creative director, Diego Dossola.


After working for over 10 years as sales manager, he decided follow his creative spirit and love for beautiful innovative ideas and created his own brand. So in 2006 with his business partner Viola Baragiola, they founded the brand “Ultrachic”.

As he explains, ”I have a strong imagination combined with a big passion for art, beauty and women…that’s where my idea of fashion comes from”.

Ultra ChicOne is totyaly seduced with the daring and audacious design and different prints, (when the fashion world sometimes it’s so boring) – the types of material and clothing that really looks to bring something special to true fashion followers, who justly appreciate such fantastic talent and uniqueness.

Ultra Chic

Beyond the fun and unique prints, the highlight of the brand is how the collection is organized… Tops, dresses, pants, leggings, blouses or T-Shirts all produced in limited editions, playing with magic numbers and colours: for example, the Red label is the most exclusive collection with only limited edition to 99 pieces. The White label have a limited edition with only 499 pieces.
 And finally thee Green label for cotton T-shirts only 999 pieces.

After be present in in more than 150 top Italian and foreign retailers, in France, Belgium Luxemburg, Beirut, Hong Kong, Singapore, Los Angeles, a Ultrachic opens its first flagship store in Milan.

Milan Store

In June 2015 Ultrachic opened its first flagship store in the heart of Milan. A 55 sq meters store with three airy windows has been designed by ADP MILAN as an old theatre to showcase the Ultrachic collections, keeping alive the spirit of the old Milanese shops.


Summer 2016 Collection

An important part of the new space is dedicated to the line of accessories designed by Stefano Dossola: sunglasses upholstered in leather, series of golden and diamond jewellery, customised watch straps and various marvellous silver pendants that make you fall in love at first sight. Scheduled the next visit?


      • Ultrachic

Via Meravigli, 18, 20121 Milan –

      Italy – Phone +39 02 45494398

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