Traveling Chic: The best of Munich!

The best of Munich

Are you looking for a journey full of charm, great cultural experiences, fine dining, great hotels and a long list of stores for shopping?

Try Munich!

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This Bavarian city in south Germany has a wealth of cultural treasures for the discerning traveller to explore and I have picked some of my favourite things to do and see that I will be posting over the coming weeks! Follow me!

Munich is chic, but it’s also a place that’s full of charm and history, with beautiful old buildings and tree lined streets. It’s romantic and relaxed, it’s ready to satisfy all your desires once you know the right places to visit!

My first piece of advice: comfortable shoes. The city is beautiful and at every corner you have the sweetest of surprises with wonderful buildings, taverns and shops; Munich is definitely a city that is best discovered walking!

The architecture – historic houses, buildings and monuments are from the fifteenth century and they are absolutely stunning, walking through the small medieval alleys that meander throughout the city centre made me dream about history and when romantic chevaliers ruled the city. Your imagination running wild in medieval Munich is really part of the experience of this wonderful city.

Munich General 1

And of course there are parks and squares that are festive and cheerful and even the wide, quiet streets, furthest from the old city centre, are colorful, beautiful and full of history.

Here, the ancient and the modern coexist in harmony. The oldest breweries in the world and traditional German costumes shops share space with the ultra-modern designed hotels and restaurants. Classical music festivals in the open share space with giant works of contemporary art in the streets.


This is the main market town. Full of charm, surrounded by “Bier Gardens” (location to sit and enjoy a good beer outside) – here you find everything in terms of local food – fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood and ‘sausages’ of course!

One of the busiest spots in the city, take a tour, choose what you want to eat and find a place. You will be surprised to share space with tourists but also with the more typical German’s, often dressed in traditional costumes. Wonderful!

The museums of Munich

The exhibitions are a great way to spend time alone or with your family and I advise you not to miss the city’s wealth of museums. There is an ensemble of museums in Munich, each of them highlighting different periods in art and culture: The Alte Pinakothek, The Neue Pinokothek and The Pinakothek der Moderne, DEUTSCHES MUSEUM.

I love the Pinakothek museum of Modern Art. With its impressive 82 foot high glass dome, the rotunda marks the starting point for all tours of the building. Here, visitors can stroll around as if in a Italian piazza and are given free rein to their thoughts as they move from one exhibition area to the next.

Also, the BMW Museum and BMW World, where you can also enjoy lunch at the international restaurant. A building with a completely crazy but fantastic design! If you like speed, technology and design… the BMW stop is a must-see!


Concerts in open air

Classics on Odeonsplatz: once a year, in summer, the Munich Symphony Orchestra gives an open air on Odeonsplatz, in the very heart of the city – enchanting nights with outstanding artists and work from legendary composers. Russian night is this year’s theme. The atmosphere is as enchanting as the acoustics are wonderful, and magical lighting casts an ethereal glow on the historical architecture.

The Bavarian State Opera

This place is just majestic! The Bavarian State Opera is one of the oldest opera houses in the world and has been one of few to maintain its fame throughout several centuries.

Founded by Henriette Adelheid of Savoy in 1653, it has showcased concerts and ballets, but it wasn’t until 1753 that the Opera opened as a major stage. The interior is magnificent and have a seating capacity for 2,100 people… Celebrity visitors have included Prince Charles and Vivienne Westwood.

Bavarian Opera


Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world.

Each year the Oktoberfest welcomes over six million guests from all over the world. As the largest folk festival in the world, the 16 day event includes a range of activities, though the main focus is the celebration and drinking of local beer. The beer is particularly special at this festival because it is brewed by the six major beer companies in Munich. To complement the beer, Bavarian delicacies are served.


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