Traveling Chic: 12 tips for preparing the perfect bag!

I love traveling and due to my work, I’ve become a “professional traveller” … and my friends always ask me how to pack the perfect bag … so, I decided to share some basic steps that will make all the difference!…

By following a few simple steps when packing your bags, you can save space and definitely help your clothes reach their destination in good shape – without creases. And also, if you are moving to different hotels, good packing helps you to find all of your clothes, in the right order, during the trip.

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• Make a list of everything you want to take.
It takes just a few minutes and it is the best way to ensure that you do not forget anything.

• To take the right clothes; Take into account the duration of your trip, the weather at the destination and think ahead if there will be any special events, from sports, possible business meetings or the impromptu dinner party.

• Choose versatile pieces that are easily matched; Chose basic colours that can be worn day or night.

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Now that you have selected your clothes, shoes and accessories, here are my suggestions to pack well…
The first main rule is simple: the more heavy items must go underneath the lighter items.

1. Firstly, put trousers or skirts in the bottom of the bag with minimum folds.

2. On the second layer, put your shirts and dresses, with just one fold for each piece. The fewer the folds, the more free space you will gain (and your clothes will be less likely to get crumpled). Try and ensure that the layers are uniform. Avoid rolling your clothes because this actually takes up more space and leaves your clothes looking very creased.

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3. The best advice: Go for one large piece of luggage rather than two smaller pieces. It really does work best. We all try and gain time by bringing luggage on board, but it’s so much better to get it checked in; you are much more relaxed and don’t have to worry about that eternal fight to get space in the overhead compartments.

4. To avoid folding marks, fold in the right way…. for example fold sweaters below the waist. This way, there is a better chance that the fold mark is inside the pants or skirt without appearing. For shorts – try and keep them straight without folds.

5. On the top layer, you should have your pyjamas and nightwear. So this way, if you arrive late and tired, no need to unpack all of the case and disturb the rest of the clothes.

6. For delicate clothing such as silk, leather or sequins, these should be placed inside out so that they are not damaged. Jackets can also be flipped inside out with a sleeve within the other to save space.

7. Place all your underwear in a bag to not crush it.

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8. Scarves, ties and other accessories can be stored in the inside pockets of the bag or makeup bag that can fit in the corners of the bag.

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9. The shoes may be arranged on the sides of the bag or arranged in the partition available at the top of many bags.

10. Avoid putting underwear and other personal items in plastic bags. Ideally, use a fabric which allows them to “breathe”.

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11. Rather than putting all your accessories in one bag, use smaller individual bags to separate products from different categories (e.g., medicine, makeup items, toiletries and trinkets). This keeps your bag organized and easy to find things when you reach your destination. Products that might leak must be placed in plastic bags inside the makeup bag.

12 tips for preparing the perfect bag! Chanel Necessaire

12. Organise useful things, such as books, pens, maps, travel guide outside pockets

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Enjoy your trip!!!!

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