Tory Burch Winter collections 2017/18

Tory Burch considers herself as “her” own, best client. Like all great creators, this iconic American designer stands at a distance from caricatures of the podium and puts her personal life and emotions into her creations.

She applies the same logic to the decoration of her boutiques. According to Tory, when she opens a new store and starts to think about our interior layout and atmosphere, she has a clear vision of how the retail space should look and more importantly feel. Tory flees the minimalist trend and creates a much more intimate and homely environment for her collections.

“I wanted my clients to feel like they’re in an apartment, like you feel if you’re entering a welcoming living room” says Tory.

Tory associates different motifs in the same colour, so as to create a harmony. She loves to match walls to upholstery with strong prints to create a refreshing impact and combines brass with mirrors, wood with Plexiglas…

The double graphic T logo is also incorporated in the interior design of stores, inspired by Moroccan architecture and by David Hicks – known for combining geometric prints and bold colours with patches of travel imagery from exotic travel destinations, such as Morocco, India, China …

This universe of inspirations of travels and cultural influences are always present in her collections.

For this winter season, Tory Burch, presents a collection inspired by city of Philadelphia, her native homeland. The winter fashion show begins with long fur coats or woollen-white cloth, re-embroidered with her father’s stylized initials. There are bags inspired by school binders, plaid motifs and tartans, recalling its teenage memories, mark this collection full of gentle nostalgia.

Day dresses with Degas dancers, skirts and blouses with floral patterns embroidered with tone-on-tone beads, even sheaths and even bags sewn with small mother-of-pearl buttons form a more modern counterweight.

A chic collection, to be discovered soon in the windows of the world!

  • London:  
  • 149 New Bond St · 020 7493 5888
  • 223 Regent St · 020 7495 7723

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