Tory Burch: gives the green light to your wardrobe!

Dresses, blouses, pants, accessories … Spring is here and it’s time to put the freshness of green into your wardrobe with Tory Burch who presents a sumptuous Spring collection where green is omnipresent and beautifully integrated into all her clothes and accessories. Green is the symbol of renewal, hope and nature but also associated with happiness and luck. Tory Burch takes our breath away with such a wonderfully designed collection and puts her firmly on the podium of great designers for the modern woman.

The genius of Burch in designing such a complete collection around the green is a masterpiece and will, without a doubt, be highly successful for this iconic American brand. Pantone has called the colour “Queen Green” . Tory Burch sets the fashion trend and colour this year

The richness of queen green gives birth to combinations of colours and tones that will make you the queens of street style!

Firstly, because green is perfect for all hair colours, red, blond and brunette. Each colour tone of green accentuates natural beauty, like revealing the pale complexions as well as being able to compliment the more suntanned skin.

Within the ready-to-wear collection of Tory Burch there is plenty of choices. We love the collection with the pine green associated with the white, beiges, pink, jade or in small touches with bucolic florals. For the more daring looks, one gives contrast to the green Emerald with navy blue, orange or even red!

And for those who love to have accessories like jewels the green accessory collection of Tory Burch that includes belts, shoes, handbags and jewellery adds the additional perfect “tone” for your summer wardrobe!

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