Top Secret: Five ‘STAR’ creams

I have a friend here in France who always says “For beauty, it is best to keep your tips and tricks to yourself and claim a glowing complexion is in your genes.”

I’m not referring to botox or plastic surgery! I’m talking about secrets like those creams and serums that we can’t live without. Lotions and potions that have been endorsed by celebrities and socialites around the world and which are fortunately available to us all!

Bioeffect EGF Serum: Regenerating effect.

bio effect

Fans: Uma Thurman, Marion Cotillard, Kelly Preston and Vanessa Paradis.

This anti-age cream with activating plant extracts is created in a biotechnology laboratory in Iceland. It is the only product which contains three different cell types which replicate human DNA, reproduced using plant extracts. It contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor): a Nobel Prize winning formula. In the United States this product has already gained legendary status in one of the most renowned clinics in Beverly Hills.

Promise: Two levels of cellular regeneration (dermis and epidermis) leaving skin revitalised and radiant. By applying two to four drops a night; this serum promises impressive results in only four weeks. I want to try it straight away!

Price: EGF serum (results promised after four weeks) €135 or €250 for the intensive 30 days package. Available at Colette, Paris.

Chenot Youth Concentrate Cream: Toning properties.

chenot2 (2)

chenot (2)

Fans: Elle Macpherson and other stars.

A few years ago clients of the founder of ‘detox’, Henri Chenot, never left his clinic without a few pots of this cream which was exclusively available in his clinic. The demand for this product was so great that it can now be purchased in exclusive retailers across Europe. This elixir contains six essential oils, antioxidants, plant and marine extracts to hydrate skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Promise: A cream that can be applied daily. Its antioxidants and hydrating properties protect skin and reduce the appearance of stress. Specifically formulated for mature skin to improve elasticity and tone.

Price: €230 at Colette, Paris.

‘The Way of Alchemy’ gel skin care by Herve Herau.

hervé herau 2

herve herau (2)

Fans: Vanessa Bruno and Michèle Laroque among other celebrities!

I was impressed by the videos from Vanessa Bruno and Michèle Laroque on Hervé Herau’s website. They referred to the product as a magic potion which brings about both “internal and external” changes. Formulated on a base of plant properties with a rich formula infused with vitamin A and antioxidants, the cream is designed to respect the delicate balance and condition of skin.

Promise: Improved skin appearance with pore visibility reduced and a healthy glow. For those travelling to Paris, a personal appointment with the renowned dermatologist can be booked via Hervé Herau’s website… What could be better than an exclusive consultation?

Price: €95 at Colette, Paris.

Neo Stem Serum: Accelerated anti-aging.

nee stem

Fans: An enormous amount of celebrities.

I was impressed by this product’s history… In 2006, in Marseille two scientists discovered a genetic mutation responsible for accelerated aging syndrome, also known as ‘progeria’, and the essential elements for its treatment. From this research, they developed a product which sold out in only three weeks after it was launched in the South of France in 2011. Since then, over 10,000 bottles have been sold and it has become a ‘must have’ product for the stars. Recommended for skin over forty-five years that needs to give a boost to its skin elasticity and tone.

Promise: Skin cream endorsed by the stars!

Price: €59 in exclusive pharmacies in France or on

Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disc: Exfoliate.

colbert 3

Fans: Naomi Watts, Sienna Miller and Rachel Weisz.

After his customers’ insistence, the renowned New York dermatologist, David Colbert, decided to develop the sale of the products used in his clinic. From New York to Hollywood, these exfoliating discs received a glowing review.

Promise: The cream is enriched with fruit enzymes from pineapple, lactic acid and glucosamine. The product can be used two to three times per week and guarantees all the results of a professional facial. The product accelerates cell renewal and brightens skin tone. For sensitive skin a maximum use of once a week is recommended.

Price: €60 for a pack of 20 discs at Colette, Paris.

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