Timberland: For an Adventurous Life

If there is something that I really admire it is companies that ensure their actions are “politically correct”.

Timberland is certainly among these.

In Lisbon, I was invited to visit one of the brand’s most beautiful stores which has an annual promotion, since 2007, for the company’s tree planting campaign.

The objective of this campaign is to establish reforestation in an area of Portugal, Pinhal de Leiria, which has experienced large amounts of deforestation. I find this concept so touching. The idea is simple: each customer is invited to participate by donating one euro which will in turn pay for one tree. Thanks to a partnership with a reforestation company who plant the trees Timberland have already succeeded in planting one hundred thousand trees!

What makes this concept really unique is that once a year the Brodheim Group (the parent company of Timberland, Burberry and Furla among others) offices and stores come together for a special day. All the company’s collaborators are invited to participate in this relaxed atmosphere that encourages solidarity… A great idea that is executed through the collaboration of a company and its customers… Carnet Chic loves this!

The store in Lisbon is fantastic. It is decorated using recycled materials and personalised to represent Portugal… you will find old tiles, pretty lamps and a huge panel dedicated to the brilliant poet Fernando Pessoa.

I was really intrigued by one feature in the store… Why are all these boots suspended in the air?

Just incredible: Timberland invites people to come and bring their old adventures in exchange for new ones…

A simple yet heartfelt objective; old Timberland shoes are brought to the store with a note that shares their biggest adventure, in return the owner is given a voucher for 20 euro.

Thanks to this initiative, hundreds of shoes have been collected and sent to Africa with the organisation “Shoes4Africa”. Other pairs have been kept in store to share and get support for the campaign. Meanwhile these shoes also show customers that wearing Timberland shoes is part of embracing adventure in our life!








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  • Timberland ®
  • Avenida da Liberdade, 196B
  • Lisbon
  • +351 21 319 31 30

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