The shoes of Fashion Week

9 out of 10 people agree that shoes are the accessory that show most of someone’s personality from their look! And if there is a place where the shoes become the centre of attention (especially the lenses of photographers) is undoubtedly during Fashion Week.

In the “Fashion Marathon” anything goes – from the simple sneakers to the vertiginous pumps, to be fashionable- it’s the only thing that matters.
The conventional codes of fashion are overthrown. Creativity and boldness wins space … And for most of the women, the word comfort is replaced by the words perfect look…

And I realised that even me (who loves comfort!!!) walked hundreds of metres between fashion shows, caring my heavy camera, balancing on my heels… All for a good cause, I think …
So, I’m sharing with you some pictures of fabulous footwear that I captured throughout the week! Enjoy!

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