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René Lalique the inventor of modern jewellery

If there are jewels that fascinate me, it’s the fantastic designs inspired by the Art Nouveau period. They remind me of that effervescent time, full of audacious artists and designers who have left us with an instantly recognisable art form used in all forms of life, from clothing, jewellery, art pieces and of course architecture.

Jewellery, in particular, was totally revitalised this time, where the main source of inspiration comes from nature, using new revolutionary techniques to make them. We also see the strong influence of Japanese ornamental themes as a source of inspiration as well as the use of semi-precious stones and the combination with more unusual materials such as patterned glass, ivory and horn.



At the centre of all of this was the exceptional René Lalique, a master craftsman, a true artist using unique materials and who through his creations, glorified nature, producing the very finest and beautiful crystal and jewellery artworks – often in unique once-off pieces, that are today sought after by the great collectors of art and rare objects.

René Lalique first began designing pieces of jewellery for famous French jewellers that included Cartier and Boucheron. Later, he decided to start his own business, designing his own jewellery and other glass pieces. Rene Lalique quickly developed a renowned reputation and was recognised as one of France’s foremost Art Nouveau artists, becoming synonymous with creativity, beauty and quality for each piece that he created.


Rene Lalique’s style is unique and incomparable. His limitless imagination brings nature into daring art designs that fascinate me. Who cannot resist taking a time to closely admire some of his works, now very often in museums throughout the world. Extremely meticulous in design and production, Lalique’s use of colour and transparency creates an incomparable light, heavenly and delicate.

René Lalique, sometimes referred to as “the inventor of modern jewellery” is admired by all the great ladies of the world. His prestigious and innovative jewellery is so often reinterpreted and copied, even by the great names in jewellery.

Lalique: art or jewellery?

It’s Difficult to define all the parts of Lalique. Jewellery pieces are now certainly considered rare works of art. The Maison Lalique has now taken this heritage and explores the poetic inspiration of nature and myths so beloved by René Lalique to open a new boutique in Paris, dedicated only to jewellery.

Lalique VIP Room

Just steps away from the Opera Garnier in the very chic and sophisticated Rue de La Paix, you will find the Lalique boutique and its treasures. It’s not very big, but over two floors, this little “gem” first surprised me with the majestic chandelier made with over 2500 pieces of the famous ring “Gourmand”, created by Lalique in 1931. I was truly surprised that this ring was created at this time because its design is pure and modern, features we now see in present day jewellery.

Lalique - Gourmande

There are more than 200 different models to see and admire and yes…to buy! But what to buy? Superb pieces of fine costume crystal jewellery to a tempting selection of “haute joaillerie”, exceptional and unique pieces, that includes engagement and wedding rings.

Among the fantastic pieces that recreates the style of Rene Lalique but with a modern twist, I was fascinated by pieces from collections like Vesta, Gaîa, Pshyché but also the collection called “Muguet” this delicate flower that I came to love in France and that is bought as a token of friendship and love on the 1st of May each year.



The decoration of the Art Nouveau style store is pure, refined and extremely sophisticated. Be sure to visit the basement. With its crystal panels, this “private” room stores exceptional pieces of limited edition watches Parmigiani Fleurier-like Lalique, perfume bottles, or the range of Caran d’Ache pens.

This boutique is a fitting celebration of the art and “savoir-faire” created by René Lalique, a century later with the same splendour!



  • Boutique Lalique Joaillerie
  • 20 Rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris – France
  • Tel.: +33 1 42 65 03 04

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