STOULS: Perfection in Leather

I have just discovered another new treasure in Paris… and, because I am a nice person, I have decided to share it with you!

Stouls, the ‘secret’ leather clothing specialists, popular with in-the-know customers in multi-brand luxury shops, have opened a boutique Rue du Mont Thabor in Paris.

I invite you to discover these leather clothes in completely different way from everything you know to date …

Stouls Store 2

(At Stouls,) clothes are spotless, cuts are perfect, colours are vibrant and every single piece is fantastically soft!
(At Stouls,) clothes are also sexy, chic and practical: pieces mold the body as a second skin.
(At Stouls,) comfort is incredible thanks to stretch treatment but also to blend materials such as cashmere, silk or cotton.


The choice of colours from basic shades to vibrant ones and the possibility to create leather pieces washable in your OWN washing machine – yes at home! Comes from Aurelia Stouls’s smart experience.



Aurelia studied in the best fashion schools in Paris and New York and has been working for 15 years in the footwear development team for luxury brands such as Carel, Balenciaga, Thierry Mugler, Stéphane Kélian, Heschung…

From these various and impressive experiences, she kept a sculptural approach to her way of conceiving clothes; a precision in the lines, a deep pleasure in the touch of materials that eventually led to a passion for leather.

So, it became natural to her that leather and body were one, and that body and movement were one.

Stouls Store1

All Stouls’ fashion pieces can be found in a bright and pure universe created by the architect India Mahdavi, who did not forget any detail and offered an immense and comfortable salon that fits in and invites us to settle down and slip into these clothes that perfect a wardrobe.

Stouls Fitroom

        S T O U L S
        36, rue du Mont Thabor
        Paris, 1er arrondissement
        Tel  + 33 1 42 60 29 97


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