Carnet Chic by Stella

About Stella Pelissari

Allow me to introduce myself and why I am delighted to launch my new and updated fashion and travel blog;

I encountered fashion very young – I was about 12 years old. I remember this so well. I was hooked and in love with anything to do with clothes, designs, beautiful models and far away places.

I started to write about fashion in a little “carnet” while dreaming of travelling to the four corners of the world…but especially to Paris, capital of fashion, true style and romance. I loved to draw and had lots of pretty designs to compliment my diary. It was a great passion that I never lost, it’s from this tender young age, full of imagination and dreams that I happily sealed my fate with fashion.

In my teens, I became a young aspiring model in my small hometown of Santa Maria in southern Brazil. Thereafter, I was a costume designer and stylist for fashion magazines.

I later studied fashion and design and I graduated in fashion journalism and specialized in luxury brands…

In 2001 after years working as a costume designer, I created the “Bureaux of Moda”, my consulting firm. They were years of glamour and glitz (and hard work!) in partnership with the most important Brazilian fashion companies.

I started traveling regularly to Europe to cover the most important fashion Fairs and shows around the world… And in the natural course of life for any lover of fashion, I moved to Paris and ended up staying there!

I took the opportunity to return to study again in the famous Esmod a Master of Fashion and I resumed my journalistic work by collaborating with fashion and marketing magazines in Brazil.

It was in 2011 that I received an invitation from a company called Premier Tax Free * to create a blog for tourists that visiting Europe.

…And that is when I first launched my blog “Carnet Chic”.

Carnet Chic is my personal journal where I write about my favourite addresses but also places that I discover each week – shops, restaurants, hotels, product launches, cultural events…

After spending more than a decade living in Paris, I moved to London – one of the most cosmopolitan and magic cities where trendy street fashion is omnipresent and a great sense of inspiration for me.

Today I spend most of my time traveling around the major cities in Europe … Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Lisbon…

My intention with Carnet Chic is that you stroll through the streets of these amazing cities and discover with me the best they offer and also to find those hidden and often secret places for you to share and enjoy with me.

I believe that through my regular posts, you can schedule the trip of your dreams, with my helpful hints that will that speak to your heart.

Welcome and bonne voyage!

Premier Tax Free * the historic company that provides a worldwide
Tax refund service to tourists and my primary supporter and partner.


  1. Bonjour Stella,

    J’aimerai bien vous parler au téléphone au sujet de la semaine en octobtre du 3 au 9, mais je n’ai pas votre numméro…..
    A très bientot j’espère,


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