Stella McCartney: Shines in Paris

Last week we were in Paris to visit the new Flagship that the English designer Stella McCartney has just opened in the fashion heart of the city, rue Saint-Honoré.

Stella McCartney has established herself as one of the most fashionable designers in the world of fashion because of her inimitable style: extremely modern and easy-to-use pieces that blend the masculine-feminine style in effortless perfection, making any woman feel sexy and empowered.

Stella conquered a legion of fans with her impeccably well cut suits, flaired pants, jumpsuits, her daring prints, in the purest “British” style. She also became extremely well-known not only for being the daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney, but for her “vegam” philosophy – she pioneered a vegetarian brand, where her modern and innovative products do not use leather, fur or PVC. This ethical stance transcends every part of the company from all its clothing, handbags, shoes, glasses, accessories and even their boutiques that adhere to McCartney’s commitment to sustainability.

It’s a vision and commitment that requires a great investment of scientific research involving the creation of these mixed fibers, but also a challenge for the design team to generate, study and test – until you find the right organic and synthetic fibers, that dazzle, that are ascetic, with a luxurious feel that does not compromise the balance between the environment and the quality of the product.

The new Flagship store in Paris, which opened just a few weeks ago, reflects an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere housing the Stella McCartney collections.

Simple materials – such as reclaimed wood, striated ceramic tiles and moulded concrete, contrast with contemporary objects that illustrate Stella’s signature style and sharpness.

It was the designer herself who chose furniture at auctions and hired designers to create unique pieces like mirrors, benches and sculptures. Spread over 220 square meters and on two floors, the ground floor houses its famous handbags, shoes and accessories.

On the second floor, in a more intimate atmosphere distributed in two environments shelter the prêt-à-porter line.

We were seduced by the new collection Autumn 2017/18 where a sexy “RED” promises to warm up the fresh days of the next season.

I, in particular, was completely seduced by Latin-inspired fringed dresses – seductive and cheery!

Finally the Last detail I discovered on this visit that will make you appreciate Stella’s brand philosophy and sensitivity – the name that each piece of  the collection receives – is actually the name of one of its employees. For example, the blouse “Ana”, the pants “Amelie”, the top “Inês”.

Inês Martins, the store manager with "her" Inês top!

Inês Martins, the store manager with “her” Inês top!

Stella baptizes her pieces in honour and recognition of her seamstresses, saleswomen, store managers … A more than dignified homage to make in a way “shine” other stars of the brand.

Stella McCartney
231 Rue Saint Honoré, Paris
+33 1 70 75 33 70


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