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Simone Esmanhoto


It’s difficult to find the words to describe Simone Esmanhoto. We first met at a friend’s hotel in Normandy….. A meeting of the soul and spirit. Simone is one of the most important fashion people in Brazil. Her experience includes years of working for respected fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Folha of São Paulo… Today, she is the editor in chief of Veja Luxe Brazil, a position that is very well-deserved!

I love her manners and natural way of valuing people beyond their appearance.  Her profound knowledge of history, fashion, art etc. … Which she expresses in a simple and subtle manner both in this articles and in her own life.  That summarises my meeting with Sissi…

  • You hold one of the most important positions in Brazilian press as editor in chief of Veja Luxe, one of the most influential magazines in Brazil. What is a regular day at work for you, what is your routine?

Intense. I make important creative decisions and formulate new ideas, but for the most part I support motivate my team. I also have to write articles and I have meetings and exchanges with my collaborators, as well as managing the magazine layout with the editorial staff. There is also an organisational side to the team: schedules, magazines publication dates… The most exciting part of the job is finding new sources. With the growing number of foreign executives in Brazil, we need to be at the top of our game by staying creative and curious: that is what really gives meaning to my work and what makes our magazine successful.

  • How do you choose the themes for your articles in Veja Luxe?

I live connected, constantly alert, with my brain working overtime – everything is a source of inspiration, even when I am exercising on a trampoline. I love to read everything, even the classified ads! I listen attentively to all conversations, even the most ordinary, because people can lead me to new trends… I am really attentive to everything!

  • A place which makes you dream?

Quiet places, greenery, footpaths where I can dream with big open eyes… where I can walk in my Louboutins without stumbling!

  • A café in Paris… And in São Paulo?

The hustle and bustle of Café de Flore is not my favourite but their hot chocolate is very good, so it’s really worth it. The tea rooms at Hermès, rue de Sèvres, offer a unique choice, such as tea and chocolate cake.
In São Paulo, I prefer a good coffee in my own home…

  • If you had to choose a museum?

Rodin, for everything: the work, the art, the garden, the house.

  • A good restaurant for lunch with friends?

In São Paulo, I love the Ritz in the Gardens quarter and a little Italian simply called “La Pasquale”, which reminds me of eating my grandmother’s macaroni!

  • A place where one can find really good offers?

Today, I am more interested in buying less. I prefer special pieces, which justify their price, whatever it is. As I am not influenced by trends, I can enjoy myself in the sales – but they have to be by Alaïa, for example, which is the next brand that I want to write about. I also love vintage, a lot. Especially YSL and Claire McCardell.

  • The best place to walk… A secret address…

Paris. No better city exists to walk and stroll without a destination… Ah, I love ‘Maison Bonnet’, which isn’t exactly a secret, but which remains lesser known.

  • You have already visited the best fashion houses in the world, is there one which made a particular impression on you?

I don’t know how to choose just one. But I was touched by the studio ‘petit h’, one of the brands from the fashion house Hermès. There, everything is different! It is a creative and sensitive place which is well adapted to its different values.

  • An article which you would like to write?

I would like to write a story which I never will be able to: YSL and the discovery of Brazilian women. It is an icon for them. If I have one regret in life, it is to have been a woman a generation after him. I would have loved to see everything so closely.

  • A perfume ?

“Arôme” de Dame-de-nuit. The scent of two trees in front of my house. I forget everything when I  get home after a working day.

  • A hairdresser?

Delphine Courteille, on the  ‘Rue de Mont-Thabor’.

  • An item from your wardrobe which characterises you ?

A pair of stilettoes ? A dress ? I wouldn’t know what to say. It is difficult to have a clear vision of myself.

  • Your handbag essentials…

Oh, I hate having a bag – in fact, I hate carrying things. But if I had to choose: a RED lipstick and dental floss.

  • What do you never wear?

I don’t know, I think that we change so much, all the time.

  • How do you stay fit? Beauty secrets?

 I skip rope and use the trampoline. A bit of yoga, stretching. Beauty secrets… mascara, lipstick and a big smile!

  • Your anti-stress ritual?


  • The best holiday?

The next!

  • Always return to…


  • A hotel?

Mmmm, none until now have impressed me. I like silence, the quiet life. I prefer small hotels with few rooms, which make me feel at home.

  • Your P.O.F ? Ahah. (The place outside fashion where you like to go)

The market at the weekend…

  • Sissi seen by Sissi?

For an extraordinary life…

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