Sephora, the world’s biggest beauty store!


I LOVE beauty and I LOVE Sephora! It’s where I find everything I need for my beauty needs… Since 2001, I have become completely addicted! Especially when it comes to buying little gifts for my friends because at Sephora even a simple lipstick becomes a fantastic gift… as they are experts in gift packages! After all this time my love of Sephora remains unchanged. I can find all the perfume, make-up, nail polish and beauty cream brands in their stores as well as the latest new products and all of this is accompanied by a super team who are always on hand to assist.

In Lisbon, I decided to go to Colombo shopping centre and to my great surprise I had a very eventful afternoon where I had the honour of royal treatment! The store’s atmosphere was electric as they were launching Escada’s latest perfume. The staff were dancing in front of the store, motivated by the DJ’s music and even I was ready to get up and join in, as the latest hits were played… After taking a look at all their new products, I was invited to have my make-up done. As you can imagine, I was delighted to accept! 😉

To start off my beauty session, I was directed to the Benefit counter, an American cosmetics brand that I adore! Their packaging is inspired by ‘pin-up’ models from the 50s… beautiful and functional! Benefit has a new concept in certain Sephora stores where they have an ‘Eyebrow bar’ – a dedicated space for you to receive an eyebrow shape or tint – so important to frame your face!

I think it is essential to have a good eyebrow shape, it changes everything! It’s the reason why Francesca Parodi ‘designed’ my ‘new eyebrow’ to compliment the shape of my face.

I love it! I even felt 15 years younger!

The next step was to find Liliane Silva, a talented makeup artist whom in 20 minutes had transformed my look.

While I was enjoying my glass of fruit juice, Lili taught me some little tips and tricks and informed me about the latest brands that have products adapted to my particular skin type (I couldn’t resist!)… So I left the store feeling happy, ready to explore this enormous shopping centre and prepared to reveal my pampered self to the magical city of Lisbon: “BLONDE AND BEAUTIFUL”!

CHIC TIP! You can arrange an appointment to have your make up done at Sephora for only 10 euro (day look) or 15 euro (night look). It’s the same case for an appointment at the eyebrow bar!

Small prices = Super results!

  • Sephora – Centro Comercial Lisboa,
  • Avenida Lusíada, 1500-392 Lisboa, Portugal






















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