Sephora Champs-Elysees: My VIP visit to the Temple of Beauty

Sephora Champs-Elysees VIP Temple of Beauty Cover

I have to admit that beauty products fascinate me. So every time I’m in Paris, the perfume and beauty stores of Sephora are like a magnet – they just draw me in.

My favourite Sephora? It’s got to be their big flagship store on the Champs-Élysées that offers more than 300 brands, about 15,000 references and more than 6 millions visitors per year… So you can see why I end up browsing in this fantastic place!

Sephora-entrance & rampeBD

So, on my last trip to Paris I was honoured to be invited to discover the VIP services that Sephora offers its customers. The result: an amazing experience!

Sephora-entrance general view

Experience # 1 On entering the store, the mood is festive, vibrant and very, very busy. Every day, at the opening of the store, a group of employees are positioned at the entrance where a huge “red carpet” is rolled out to welcome the first customers – With a musical atmosphere (which is great), Sephora staff dance and clap, welcoming customers that enter the store. It’s impossible to not let the fun rocking rhythm get you dancing too.

After this “happy time” I was brought to visit to the VIP Space Lounge – a quiet boudoir, charming and cosily dedicated to special customers; It can also be privatized for a few hours for you alone or between friends with all comforts for a special intimate relaxing experience … and for me this morning, a typical French breakfast was waiting for me to start my “beauty marathon”.

Experience # 2 Make up … after talking a little with the makeup artist, who carefully studied my skin tone (Sephora+Pantone Color Profile, a service that enables to find the right shade of foundation among all references available at Sephora, with a skintone diagnostic), the shape of my face and my personal preferences, it’s time to get that super professional advice about the best creams and products best suited for my skin type.

We decided on basic makeup, that I could to do every day. I discovered lots of new tricks and innovative products that are easy to use and in practical sizes so that I can carry in my bag, ready for some retouching at any time … Nothing compares to having such an experienced professional to share their knowledge and advice for you personally. Just amazing!

Experience # 3 Hairdresser … Make-up ready, time to change my haircare… I went to the Stylist Bar, where I met Anna, a professional from Aveda – my favourite brand since I moved to London – Aveda is one the top brands that uses botanists and natural ingredients in their hair products … Anna made me discover several other Aveda products and ended up deciding to do a “Curly” hairstyle (as I have normally straight hair)….

Experience # 4 Manicure … it’s time to colour the nails! As you know, a woman’s hands are her “business card” – and now Sephora offers a manicure service, but also a professional Nail Art to turn your nails into small works of art … I decided to test the traditional manicure with top the nail polish OPI … the result was perfect! In just 20 minutes, my hands were beautiful and clean with a dark cherry nail polish, which lasted almost 10 days!


After all this beauty ritual, I returned to my “boudoir” VIP, where a beautiful box full of new products was waiting for me! It was a morning that was simply fantastic! And in the next post, I’ll let you in on the secret of what I received in this gift box! Follow me!

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