Secrets of Milan

A friend of mine who lives in Milan told me about this well-kept secret … So it must be kept under wraps!
Do not even ask me the address because I can not give it to you … that’s because it does not have one, not usually at least. Are not you curious to find out more?

In my opinion, Carlotta Danti is one of the most talented lingerie designers at the moment. Her garments are only available on her own website or on … Fab! You can purchase the beautiful ensemble you have been dreaming about without having to plan a trip to Milan! 😉

The thing I admire the most about the designer’s creations is their vintage style… Carlotta gained invaluable experience during her time with the Vivienne Westwood design team and this English inspiration is visible in the corsets she has designed and the combination of delicate materials she uses; cotton, lace and silk. She knows how to create and manipulate feminine, luxurious and sexy elements into her designs.

As she describes it: “My work is love, vanity and sensuality, born and raised from my Italian closest affections”.


Currently based in Milan, Carlotta Danti keeps creating corsetry masterpieces from her local atelier, when she is not travelling to meet clients and seek inspiration from women all over the globe.

With visionary ambitions and commitment to uncompromising excellence, Carlotta Danti is an outstanding business-woman and an enlightened designer. Her luscious creations for over a decade have brought pleasure to women wherever they are in the world.

The real “Nude Couture.”

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