ROME: Best places to enjoy food! Mamma Mia!

Rome is an exciting, lively and effervescent city. One of those cities you always find a reason to go back, where you are continually dazzled with its HISTORY, ART, ARCHITECTURE, SHOPPING, ROMAN RUINS and of course great FOOD! There is probably no other city in the world with such a high concentration of exciting things to see and do, not forgetting you are in the birthplace of Christianity; its for this reason, walking through Rome is a such a journey of joy, surprise and discovery!

It’s important to take your time and experience all these different parts of Rome and to combine this visit in enjoying some great food and wine.

Here are some of my favourite culinary stops in Rome for all budgets and desires!

Ristorante Tullio – near Fontaine de Trevi

This a famous family restaurant from 1950 in a centrally located downtown area just off the Piazza Barberini. Discreet atmosphere and very popular with politicians, businessmen and artists, this is a really nice place for dinner and to enjoy fantastic home made pasta.

This a famous family restaurant from 1950 in a centrally located downtown area just off the Piazza Barberini. Discreet atmosphere and very popular with politicians, businessmen and artists, this is a really nice place for dinner and to enjoy fantastic home made pasta.

The menu offers a large variety of excellent Italian seasonal specialties, fish and meats, but for me “the best” is the pasta!

Even having already visited Rome several times, I always end up returning to Tullio because I think it serves the best pasta dishes of the city. Prepared on the spot itself, it is light as a cloud … I would advise two wonderful favourites – funghi porcine or simply with truffle!

The selection of the wine list is incredible and the service always immaculate!

  • Via di S. Nicola da Tolentino, 26
  • +39 06 474 5560

Casina Valadier (near Spanish Steps and Villa Borghese)

 One of the best places to visit in Rome is the stunning Palazzo Villa Borghese. And in the heart of Villa Borghese gardens you will find the Casina Valadier. It is one of the most fascinating places of the capital, a cherished destination for Romans and tourists alike. Surrounded by fabulous trees and lawns, steeped in history and art, you can admire a wonderful view of the city of Rome. Its perfect for a lunch, but also for just for a coffee or glass of wine where you can enjoy the sunset with a breathtaking view! For lunch or dinner this gourmet restaurant offers a menu, with fixed prices. A wonderful experience of the Italian dishes in revisited gastronomic version! Reservation is absolutely necessary!

  • Piazza Bucarest
  • Tel.: +39 06 6992 2090

Pierluigi (near Campo de’ Fiori)

Pierluigi has over the decades earned an excellent reputation as a top quality family restaurant. One of Michelle et Barack Obama’s favourite restaurants, the large terrace in a small square is superb for a dinner in a romantic atmosphere. Fantastic seafood but prices sometimes a little high. Top class service with impeccable attention.

  • Piazza de’ Ricci, 144
  • +39 06 686 8717

 Assunta Madre (near Palazzo Farnese)

Considered the best fish and seafood restaurant in Rome, this charming restaurant has a very pretty terrace near the Tiber, set back from the chaotic noise of the city. Cosy but very trendy, you could possibly meet famous Italian actors and actresses enjoying the great service and fresh antipasti “crudi e cotti”. It’s quite expensive, but a perfect place for special occasions and for amateurs of fine seafood.

  • Via Giulia 14, 00186
  • +39 06 6880 6972

Caffè Perù

If you booked dinner at one of those two previous restaurants (Pierluigi or Assunta Madre) just a few steps away I can never avoid having an aperitif in a real Italian cafe that serves drinks and cocktails for half the price of any other bar.

A crowded place at the end of the day in this quiet street, you will met the locals standing outside enjoying drinks and small tasty snacks in a festive atmosphere!

  • Via di Monserrato, 46

Da Fortunato Al Pantheon (few steps fron the Pantheon)

This address is a reference in Rome. Charming welcome, traditional cuisine and sumptuous wine list. The charm remains constant as the years go by. You need to stop at this trattoria.  Considering its location less than half a block from the Pantheon, a major Roman tourist attraction, it’s no surprise that Da Fortunato books up well in advance.

The menu takes you on a journey of pure Roman cuisine, inspired by generations of Italian mothers and grandmothers. The quality of the dishes is perfect. The appetizers are excellent. The ingredients are few, but well balanced and reminiscent of home cooking. The desserts are to die for, in particular the tiramisu or the semifreddo. The wine list is rich with really fair prices. This has landed Da Fortunato in every major travel magazine and guidebook many times over. But the hype is fully deserved. And they have now opened a “wine bar” just next door, which you at any time of the day can cherish several wines by the glass for a trip through Italy!

Gracie mille!

  • Via del Pantheon, 55
  • +39 06 679 2788

Pizzarium (near the Vaticano)

And pizza! Where can you find the real Roman pizza?

You could say “on any street every 100 meters”. But the pizza from Pizzarium is very special! I discovered this address place thanks to a friend who also happens to be a great Italian chef. They are particularly very proud of the pasty base that is so important in a good pizza.

But be aware, this address is not a restaurant – its typical “street food” where you eat standing, or sitting , if you are lucky to find a free public bench nearbyin one of the simple banks of the street. With minimum prices and maximum quality, I promise that it is worth trying the “best pizza in Rome”! Try to plan a day that you are visiting the Vatican. The address is behind the Vatican next to the metro station Cipro.

  • ‪Via della Meloria 43, 00136 Rome, Italie
  • +39 06 3974 5416

Terrace du Hotel Raphael (near Piazza Navona)

After walk though the fantastic Piazza Navona why not take a break in a quiet and charming place and enjoy one of the best panoramic views of the “eternal city”. Among the authentic old roofs of the village stretches from St. Peter to Castel Sant’Angelo, with sinuous lines of the Tiber to the white bulk of the War Memorial in Piazza Venezia, the Pantheon in S. Louis of the French, the Palazzo del Quirinale, Piazza di Spagna and beyond.

Perfect for lunch or just a cold drink on hot days of Roman summer.

  • Largo Febo, 2, 00186 Roma, Italie
  • +39 06 682831

La Campana 

The oldest restaurant in the capital (it already existed in 1518), La Campana is the kind of smart Sunday-best place your Roman grandmother might take you to for a treat. The restaurant located in the centre of Rome, near the Via del Corso, is well hidden, only the locals frequent this address or tourists that have been well advised.

With its traditional timeless trattoria décor and reliable, old-fashioned service, its a great place to sample refined versions of ultra-traditional Roman dishes such as spaghetti all’amatriciana, coda alla vacinara (braised oxtail) and carciofi alla giudia (crispy, deep-fried artichokes).

Their tiramisù is legendary. In spring, don’t miss the vignarola, a traditional Roman vegetable and ham soup that is a rarity on restaurant menus. Reservations are especially recommended for Sunday lunch.

  • Vicolo della Campana 18, 00186
  • +39 06 686 7820


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