Repetto: in high heels!

Every Parisian has a pair of Repetto in their wardrobe. This is part of the charm and way of dressing “à la française”. Repetto created his first pair of ballet shoes in 1947 and his namesake brand has grown ever since, with clients such as Brigitte Bardot to Kate Moss.

His shoes are a symbol of comfort, romanticism, but above all femininity.

But woman who know and love Repetto wanted shoes that could be used day in day out, and played in different occasions and seasons. From winter to summer, from home to work or why not from work to parties and events..



For this reason in the last years Repetto created other declinations of ballet Shoes – emerged moccasins, winter boots and high heels called “Babies” or “Salomes”…

And Repetto finally got himself enchanted by this temptress and created a brand new line of super luxurious and high heels shoes called “Detroit”.


Pumps, sandals and boots punctuated with couture details mix codes of a classical dancer with a transgressive femininity.

The sandals with heels gain coming tape strips of ballet shoes, the ankles are adorned with ostrich feathers and bows in leather that remind us the traditional “tutu” skirts.


In the new collection all the pieces are sexy and feminine and for sure promise to delight women, more than ever. For all the femme fatale woman, with the allure of a classical dancer.

The first pieces are available from this month at the Colette store in Paris and in their main stores worldwide.


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