Reiss: let’s Party

There’s something rewarding and wonderfully nostalgic about mastering the art of dressing up for the many Christmas parties and family reunions. So as we approach the festive season, Reiss has a great selection for both ladies and men.

The ladies winter collection is influenced by the theatrical works of the Bloomsbury artists and highlights include the PHOEBE bonded leather jacket and the FRIDA prismatic floral print dress. More defined and decadent, the DEVIL IN THE CITY line introduces intense colours as daytime turns to evening and shades include: clementine, cobalt, slate and racing green with the latter appearing in the FORLEY coat and AUTUMN skirt.





The AFTER DARK line treads the line between reality and fantasy, and fabrics are more opulent and embellished while colours deepen as found in the LOLA turquoise dress and ELLIE shearing jacket.

The inspiration for the latter drops comes from Truman Capote’s Black
and White Ball, which was the pinnacle of New York’s social calendar.

The collection celebrates no nonsense glamour with a feminine flair. Premium pieces become collector’s items in THE GRAND AFFAIR with vintage references. Dresses SOFIA and ASABI and the FRANCESCA coat feature and the palette includes perennial black, art jewelled colours and boudoir tones.


The men’s season starts with GENTLE BUT BOLD, which looks to the icons and regulars of Studio 54 for inspiration, with a focus on Roy Halston
and his Manhattan bachelor pad designed by architect Paul Rudolph. The HALSTON print shirt, EXPRESSO suede coat and SYDNEY outerwear feature. Colours and fabrications remain light and crisp, daytime and business appropriate. Hues include: arctic ice, lime stone, blushed rose, dust storm, silver birch and soft camel.


A more layered and slicker approach to dressing prevails in BEYOND THE VELVET ROPE. Fabrics are bolder, shinier and more courageous as the weather turns and as the evenings darken so does the palette: ink, twilight navy, flash blue, sapphire, wolf grey and cognac dominate. Highlights include: TURNER fleck mixer suit, PISTE overcoat, PHOENIX suede shearling jacket and STAR cable jumper.


Finally, the BLACK CHRISTMAS line is based on the New York club scene through its 1970’s heyday it’s epitomized by the glamour and exuberance of Studio 54. MIRAGE pink velvet blazer, BRADIE green fur coat and WOODLAND dress shirt appear. Deep whiskey colours are paired with black and gold and appear in lustrous velvets, silks and wools.

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