Poiray: precious multiple combinations

Among all the famous and legendary French jewellers, Poiray, since its creation in 1975 has forged an excellent reputation for their design audacity that provides a welcome alternative to traditional jewellery.
In the course of its history, the brand has become known for creating innovative jewellery and especially their convertible watch collections, with a reversible face and that has an endless combination of bracelets in many different leathers in a fantastic palette of colours.


To be honest, I was impressed with the number of possibilities that each watch offers.

Among them, the collection called “Ma première” was my favourite. You can choose the watchcase made of steel, yellow or rose gold and also… with Diamonds!

Even the simplest models seen an exceptional jewellery and still suits every moment of your day in a flash … you just need to change the bracelet!


The jewellery

Poiray also uses a combination of fine and opulent gem stones and delicate gold work that allow its pieces to change function that almost invents a new piece of jewellery.  You can switch a ring according to your mood and matching clothes and other accessories.


This interchangeable ring collection is called “Ma Préférence” and one of the top sellers of the brand. With a delicate curve base made in the pink, yellow or white gold, you can add and change gem stones as desired.  Precisely designed in a way to perfectly reflect the light of each gem stone, “My preference” range is available in an infinity of colours, the most beautiful being amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, quartz and aquamarine…


The new foulard watch


For this winter, Poiray offers a new way to wear its watches: wrapped by a foulard or scarf around the wrist. The collection was signed by the charming and artistic Inès de Parcevaux, who has created square silk scarfs that are easily mounted on each watch.

Again, Poiray has been able to create an almost endless choice of watch colours that will certainly appeal to those who are artistic and like to create their own look and feel. It may be a sophisticated silk scarf or bandana in cotton, in neutral colours or festive patterns to revive the classic winter look.


The choice is almost endless, a constant invitation to create your own personal style.
I chose the model “Ma première” in steel with a beautiful turquoise foulard …I need not say that I had a stylish accessory to accompany me on several occasions and became one of the most versatile pieces of my wardrobe, as I can change the bracelet every day!

Just a little creativity and this watch has become a piece to highlight my style. I just loved it!



Stores in Paris:

  • Saint‑Honoré
  • 70 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008
  • +33149240136
  • Rue Royale
  • 14 rue Royale, 75008
  • +33142605401
  • Rue de la Paix
  • 17 rue de la Paix, 75002
  • +33140419491


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