Paula Cademartori

Paula is simply lovely. Behind her angular glasses and her blushing smile hides a woman of supreme talent and remarkable creativity. Born, like me, in Porto Alegre, Brazil her handbags have become world renowned. Her story begins in Milan wher she remains to this day. She talks to me exclusively about her creations that are available in the worlds chicest boutiques. Its time to find out more…

  • You have become one of the most important handbag designers in Europe. In Italy, all fashionistas are passionate about the creations of “Paula Cademartori”. Did you ever imagine this success story, when you left the south of Brazil?

Well, I think the road to success is still long! But I can say that I’m working very hard to increase my network and the visibility of my creations all over the world. Until now I have achieved a lot and this drives me to do more and push myself. I constantly say to myself, why give 100 when you can give 150!.

  • What is the secret of this success?

I strongly believe in my projects and I love what I do every day. My passion and desire to accomplish my goals has allowed me to get to where I am today. The growth if my company is undoubtedly also due to the support of companies 100% Italian. I believe in the Made in Italy brand and for this reason my bags and all the materials they are made of, are produced exclusively in Italy. Of course the attention that I get from the International press and celebrities is an enormously satisfying and definitely a point in my favor. But above all it is a very important to remember to never give when obstacles arise and work hard to achieve your goals.

  • How do you feel seeing Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma and others celebrities wearing your creations?

I’m really honored to see some of the coolest fashion editors wearing my bags. I strongly believe in Made in Italy and I think that people appreciate the value of handcrafted accessories. I’m  happy that they can understand my vision and what I want to tell with my design.

  • Where do you seek inspiration?

I am a very curious person, I’m fascinated by the most diverse creative fields, especially art and photography; but women are my first source of inspiration: every model that I create is named after a woman I admire for her strong personality and unique style. I love being inspired by people I love and by the everyday life of people around me.

01_Paula Cademartori ALTA

  • A place which makes you dream?

There are more than one. I’m in love with Capri and Positano. Both beautiful places with amazing atmosphere, great food and people.

  • A coffee in Milan? And in Brazil?

In Milan I love have breakfast at Bastianello or take a coffee at Cova. In Brasil, when I go back home to Porto Alegre my favourite place is  “Cafè do Porto”.

  • If you had to choose a museum?

My favorites are: Palazzo Reale in Milan and MASP, museo de arte de Sao Paolo.

  • A good restaurant for a lunch with friends?

Bacaro del Sambuco, Milan.

  • A place where to find really good offers?


  • The best place to walk… A secret address…

Brera. I love walking around the streets of Brera, until 10 Corso Como and see the latest collection or just drink a coffee.

  • You travel a lot, and see your bags in stores around the world but which address are you most proud and happy of?

I’m in love with Italy! Portofino is one of my favourite place, and I’m really happy to have my collection in one of the main local boutiques.

  • A special bag… Who would you like to see wearing it?

Every woman who really knows how to appreciate and distinguish the high quality and craftsmanship of an accessory that lasts over time. A woman with a very strong personality and style.

  • A perfume?

TOM FORD – Santal Blush

  • A hairdresser?

Davide Diodovich for hair, and Andrè Malbert for body treatment.

  • An item from your wardrobe which characterises you ?

Shoes. Especially high heels.

  • Your handbag essentials…

Red Lipstick.

  • What do you never wear?

White cowboys boots!

  • How do you stay fit? Beauty secrets?


  • Your anti-stress ritual?

Drink Coca Cola Light! I’m addicted to it!

  • The best holiday?

Spend a weekend in a SPA.

  • Always return to…

Paris. I love this city!

  • A hotel?

Hotel Bulgari in Milan.

  • Your P.O.F ? Ahah. (The place outside fashion where you like to go)

L’Albereta SPA, in Brescia. This is a beautiful place out of the traffic of Milan, where I go when I just want to relax!

  • Paula seen by Paula?

Never give up!

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