Paris fashion Week – Street style

Fashion Week in Paris means – see and be seen….at any cost !

Everyone and everything is frantic…..and so very competitive….To be the best, to be seen, to be the most extravagant – all of these fantastic fashion shows that require such enormous investment, involving sometimes thousands of people. The complex arrangements to be one of the famous “front row” invitees, fiercely competitive journalists and celebrities that want to attend all the right shows, and of course not forgetting the fortunate buyers from around the world….all of this in just one short week….one gets dizzy watching the famous and beautiful “people” coming and going, where dozens of paparazzi seek the perfect photo that could bring them fame and riches and circulated through journals and magazines throughout the world.

During Paris Fashion week, the streets of Paris become one big party – where it’s possible to cross someone special like Anna Del Russo, Kanye West, (and Kim of course!), Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Mario Testino, Anna Wintour, Paris Hilton… the list is endless…and of course me…, I was there too!

After each show, desperately fighting for my space among many photographers, I was able to capture many surprising moments.

Check out here ….more pics of celebrities at Fashion Week wearing some exciting and eccentric fashion! This is Paris!

Fashion in Images…


credit photos: Imaxtree and Sandra Semburg


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