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A dialogue with Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa in the heart of Paris. Catwalk of fashion, luxury and great restaurants…


You have decided that you want to be “crazy” and offer yourself a sophisticated purse or wallet? Try a visit to the Goyard. Since it was founded in 1792 in France the oldest bag manufacturer has managed to maintain its impressive and mysterious reputation based on quality and prestige.

Without advertising or e-shopping and very few stores around the world, Goyard has managed to protect his legacy from being the most revered brand for luxury goods lovers. But how does she maintain this fabulous status?

In fact, Goyard’s strategy is opposed to all other brands. While the others create dozens of new products each season, Goyard keeps his head down doing what he always did: be Goyard!

The list of prestigious clients between Kings and Queens is endless like Catherine Deneuve, Edith Piaf, Romy Schneider, Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Carla Bruni and the first orders of Karl Lagerfeld date from 1972.

So visiting your shop at 233 Rue Saint-Honoré is like looking through your history. The store has been in the same place since 1856, manufacturing its products following strictly the same methods employed since the time of its creation.   Yes, it’s a luxury for the few.
But if it is to make an extravagance, how about do it in very high style?

  • Goyard
  • 233, rue Saint Honoré 75001
  • Tel.: +33 01 58 62 25 86
  • Metro: Concorde, Madeleine


Since Paris is Paris, the Parisian  style has become an inspirational muse around the world. Being a Parisian is like having access to the codes to be chic and elegant, with some simplicity: the dream of every woman.

And, inexplicably, Tara Jarmon is not a Parisian, but a Canadian settled in Paris for more than 30 years, who knew, like few, to express the glamor of the French woman in her clothes.

A mix between Audrey Hepburn and Carla Bruni, resulting in feminine pieces full of unique details, with a touch of the retro style – typical of a Parisian – glamorous, independent and authentic.

Make sure you get to know this three-story boutique and find out why Tara is called by everyone by “Mademoiselle”.

  • Tara Jarmon
  • Adresse : 400 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001
  • Tel. :+33 1 40 15 02 13
  • Metro: Concorde, Madeleine
♥ 28 –White Bird

Delicate, exotic and unique jewelery. If you are one of those people who likes pieces that no one has equal, then White Bird is the right address.

In this small boutique hidden away on Mont Thabor Street you find a selection of innovative designers where each piece is held as a work of art.

But do not think of lush jewelry that our darling Iris Apfel would love to wear. At White  Bird the precious jewelery reveals itself through pure, simple, delicate and ingenious lines.


  • White Bird
  • 38, rue du Mont Thabor
  • 75001 PARIS
  • Tel.: +33 (0)1 58 62 25 86

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