Nomad’s, stylish break … in Paris

In the heart of the Saint Honoré Market, near the famous ‘Colette’   I have what I call one of my ‘hidden places’; a place I know very well that I recommend to my foreign friends for a quick break when walking around the city, whether you want something to eat at lunchtime or a drink at the end of the day.

I’m really fond of this restaurant; it’s a place that you can relax in. Divided into several small sections, this peaceful environment is a place where one can sit back and open their laptop, or spend an evening with friends in a charming, trendy and cool place. The restaurant is also very welcoming which is unusual for this neighborhood which can be a bit snobby.
I love to sit in the big leather chairs in the bar and rest in this spacious place, admire its warm colors, its wooden tables, which remind me of Brazil … The decor is inventive and it fits in perfectly with the artworks that are displayed as if they were in a small art gallery. The restaurant has different exhibitions each month. The artworks are displayed in a manner that reflects the artist’s work… Nomad’s exhibits many artists, painters, sculptors, designers, ceramists and the entire place is transformed into a cultural area, a shop and of course a great restaurant! The food is well presented, just right, original and without fault.


On sunny days, you can sit on the terrace and watch the world go by; you can see all the fashionable people from the area and all the people visiting the market on Wednesdays and Saturdays…

Final tip: The restaurant doesn’t take any reservations and seating is allocated in order of arrival. If you would prefer to come at a quieter time I recommend the evening or nighttime. For food lovers, the Sunday brunch at Nomad’s is very enjoyable and will make you look forward to your next visit.



  • Nomad’s
  • Restaurant Lounge Bar
  • 12-14, rue du Marché Saint Honoré
  • 75001 Paris

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