New Sephora store at Forum des Halles in Paris

Sephora is unique, fun and excessive and has invented beauty for everyone. A cutting-edge beauty concept with a stunning selection of ultra-inventive brands, available in every price range across. The enormous array of cosmetics, perfumes and beauty products conquers your senses –   all types and tones of colours, exotic scents, glorious creams that caress your skin. The excitement and energy in any Sephora store comes from the pleasure of constantly discovering new things.

So for Parisians and visitors to Paris, the new Sephora store, right in the very centre of Paris, in the well-known shopping centre called “Forum Les Halles” is a very convenient location to stock up on all their favourite beauty products after visiting the nearby museums and shops. The store is located under the main structure of the Canopy, overlooking the gardens and rue Pierre Lescot.

In this new boutique, Sephora brings together its famous in-store services that you find throughout the store : make-up bar, brow bar, hands & nails beauty, eyebrow hair removal, LPG, Skincare bar

The store is very large, plenty of room, very pleasant and bright …a real pleasure to try new cosmetics or enjoy the benefits offered for both ladies and men.

About Les Forun Les Halles : topped with the Canopée, It’s the conversion and renewal of an old shopping centre and now a new Parisian architectural symbol. With 150 stores, the Forum des Halles is bigger and more open and benefits now from much more natural light.

The Forum des Halles is also a leisure destination with a majestic cinema, swimming pool and gymnasium).

  • Sephora Les Halles
  • Forum des Halles, 1 Rue Pierre Lescot, 75001 Paris, France
  • Horaires :  10 :00–20:00
  • Téléphone : +33 1 40 13 72 25


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