My VIP Day at Sephora, Part 2

My VIP Day at Sephora, Part 2 Cover

After my post about my VIP morning at Sephora Champs Elysées in Paris, I promised to tell you about some products that I received in the ‘delighted box’ … but also take this opportunity to share my favourite products with you, which I highly recommend to you without hesitation!

Blush Révélateur de Couleur

# 1 – Blush Révélateur de Couleur

I became a fan of this product because this apparently “colourless” blush reacts according to the pH of your skin … Resulting: a “summer sun” natural tint to your skin that is unique to you!

Mask in tissue - Multiple Functions

# 2 Mask in tissue – Multiple Functions

I tried 3 different masks that suit my skin type and these were simply the best for me!

There were a total of 7 masks with different objectives…

The result: in just 15 minutes, you feel an incredible difference in your skin, not to mention the price – which is great – only 4.95 € per mask!

My favourite? The mask “Pearl” that leaves my skin luminous, ready to face the day!

Mascara extreme volume by Sephora

# 3 Mascara extreme volume by Sephora

The latest release of the Sephora brand (presented in my box of surprises and super approved by me), this mascara increases the volume of eyelashes and leaves them lusciously curved thanks to a special brush that does not forget even the smallest lashes…


#4 Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation

The best discovery of my visit was this ultra moisturizing foundation with SPF 23, which covers all imperfections of the skin naturally.

Presented in liquid form but with a compact package like a powder, it is a perfect and indispensable item to always carry in your bag. And the result: just marvellous!

eyeliner and lipstick by Marc Jacobs

# 5 eyeliner and lipstick by Marc Jacobs

A beautiful design and a beautiful product, perfect for a touch of immediate makeup! The lipstick is super moisturizing – I love the “natural” colour and it pencils in perfect colours to reveal your best cat look!

Foundation of skin by STEP1 Make up Forever

# 6 Foundation of skin by STEP1 Make up Forever

Make up Forever for me is one of the best makeup brands … and they recently launched a line of six different foundations- that can be used alone or together – before your makeup, to prepare the skin leaving it perfect for the application of make up …

I opted for two: for “enlarged pores” and “brightness” … the two together gave me beautiful skin, ready for me to start my beauty ritual.

To be honest, I could spend hours listing the products that I love in Sephora, but that’s for future posts… patience!

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