My sweet Paris #2

How can I describe my love of Paris without talking about the streets that I love?

So let’s begin…

Rue Saint Honoré, ok, ok! I know you’re going to tell me that it’s chic, even bourgeois and where you find all the biggest names in fashion etc….

…but I assure you that I love rue Saint Honoré for other reasons… This is where I had my first job in Paris and for months I used to trot up and down the street during my lunch break while I gazed in the windows of the street’s boutiques and I  found lots of secret hideaways on the street, restaurants and all the little surprises that a fashionable lady could want…

  • Colette: 213 Rue Saint Honoré

Yes, I know that it goes without saying that a visit to Colette is a must!!! For over 16 years it has been constantly on trend with classic styles… A quick visit to Colette and you are up to date on all the latest fashions: clothes, music, interior design, books and gadgets…

Carnet Chic Tip: This is my favourite place to purchase creams, shampoos and other beauty products; they are fantastic, affordable and sourced from the four corners of the world…

  • & Other Stories: 277 rue Saint-Honoré

I am a devoted fan to this new concept store; occupying 700 metres², the brand experiments with the rules of fashion while remaining affordable (rarely exceeding 150 euro)! Therefore, it’s perfect for those who love shopping… like me! Moreover, it’s a fact that designers and stylists here are also part of teams at Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin etc. I never tire of their accessories, beauty products, clothes… in fact I love everything they have!

  • Penhaligon’s : 209 Rue Saint-Honoré

I was looking for a new perfume to no avail when I came across Penhaligon’s boutique… I immediately became an ardent follower (well… except when it comes to my perfume “Stella” by Tocca, of course!).

Without a doubt you have to get to know this boutique!

Here, you will very unique and sophisticated blends… That is the reason why this brand is the official supplier of perfume worn by the British Royal Family (that includes Kate and William!) since the reign of Queen Victoria… Other famous personalities who were enchanted by Penhaligon’s scents include Winston Churchill, Rudyard Kipling, Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss … why not you and I?

  • Costes: 239, rue Saint-Honoré

At the end of a long day, this is the ideal location to have a drink or dinner with friends. I love this place, it is both chic and modern, particularly the terrace… it’s true that Costes is the place where people love “to see and be seen”… so if that is the kind of place you like… you can see a real life fashion show and experience all the glitz and glamour from the front row!

  • La Corte: 320, rue Saint-Honoré

A little hidden gem in a secret courtyard (no signs); this location is only for customers in the know… In this well-hidden place you will find one of the best Italian restaurants in Paris… fresh produce is used and the cooking is traditional, like you would expect to receive from your Italian grandmother’s kitchen. Simply delicious! Don’t forget to reserve because this restaurant is very small but has lots of loyal customers… and as it is located across from Colette you can complete two Carnet Chic tips very simply!

  • Fifi Chachnil : 231 Rue St. Honore

I can’t deny that I love a little playful touch to an outfit! Clothes that make us feel young and sexy… And Fifi (the legend) makes the most romantic and sexy lingerie in Paris… hidden at the end of a courtyard in an authentic “boudoir” à la Marie-Antoinette!

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