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When in 1849, Pauline Moynat, in association with Octavie and François Coulembier created the first Moynat bags, travel and tourism to faraway lands was most often a luxury reserved for the privileged few who possessed the means to discover the world.

At that time a “voyage” was a more luxurious experience, when travelling took many days, even weeks, and where companies prided themselves in the quality of service and most particularly in the beauty and design of travel accessories to accompany such adventure.

Moynat is without doubt part of this fine heritage and tradition by producing prestigious, customised quality travel bags, chests and accessories. Its creations were recognised as one of the leading names in luxury leather goods.


Their innovations were ambitious such as the creation of the first lightweight and waterproof suitcases which revolutionised the “Malletier » business. The brands participation in Universal Exhibitions where it received several awards for his magnificent creations is true testimony of its “savoir-faire” at the turn of the 20th century. Pauline Moynat opened their first shop on avenue de l’Opéra in Paris, an address that has been kept for over 100 years!

Moynat has perpetuated its craft and now manufactures one the most sophisticated line of handbags, luggage and leather accessories- made in France.




Moynat is what you would call a discreet brand, greatly appreciated by its many loyal and select costumers. Created even before the “Malletier” Louis Vuitton, the brand is sought after and recognized for its classic products and handmade creations. Their shops are entirely dependent on their French master craftsmen that use the same traditional techniques when making these exceptional products. Clients appreciate the “story” behind Moynat and for its continued reverence to quality, confidentiality and rarity. This is one of his secrets that is very much appreciated by its select clientele …


I recently visited the Paris store. It is laid out over two floors. It is also home to a small museum type area where you can admire its fantastic vintage suitcases and bags, including some models that were the proud recipients of awards at the Universal Exhibition.

Even before you touch or hold any of its products, the superb quality is striking, noticeable in its refined and elegant design and unbelievable attention to detail. Bags, luggage and leather accessories, in clean, modern lines creating classic and timeless pieces. Moynat also continues to also offer bespoke and one-off pieces, made to order for men and women who appreciate exceptional and unique pieces.

Moynat Moynat

In addition to its legendary models of bags like Pauline, Limousine, Swing, Cabotin, Heaven, Rejane Saddlebag, Ballerine … you will surely be impressed by some new models like Cabas made in a soft leather which is reversible – where you have two bags instead of one!


Other models created by the famous singer Pharrell Williams are dream pieces like

“Train Bag” made of resin and lined in goatskin and the “Train Clutch” in Ebony…. true works of art!


My favourite is the “Train” or “Automobile” purse. Made with exclusive illustrations in marquetry craftsmanship, it’s a technique first pioneered by Moynat.

Since my visit to the boutique, my admiration for this brand has greatly increased so that I decided to schedule a visit at the Atelier Moynat to discover the secrets of genuine craftsmen that has made this “Maison” defy time and make it one of the true luxury French brands!


  • Moynat
  • Adresse : 348 Rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France

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