MILAN LUNETIER – The Art of Exceptional Eyewear

Milan Lunetier

A unique store, for unique glasses.

No wonder that Milan decided to open his boutique in the ‘ Carre Bastille ‘, one of the hippest/ trendiest places in Paris. A singular place away from the big brands, which refined designer, artists, specials stores and famous chefs came together to offer the best.

Already in the window you’re seduced.

Different and unconventional models, little known designer brands from the four corners of the world …

I was welcomed by Milan. Installed after 3 years in Paris, this French lover of glasses that has accumulated much of his experience in New York, decided to finally realize his dream: to propose a space that combines rigor and discipline, confidence and sympathy, joined to the original designer sunglasses of high quality.

“For me my work is defined in three ways: my passion for a optician work and especially the research that exists behind the creation of a special pair of sunglasses; secondly the work of atelier, I am passionate about the restoration or rehabilitation of vintage pieces; and finally the true design work, focused on deep knowledge of an art, but also by technology, away from the proposal as found in today’s mass market”.

The boutique has the label “Eye Like, that belongs to a group of about 30 companies dedicated to high quality eyewear.

“We work with different companies and different designer but a common point in groups: a passion for optics high quality. We gather often – we exchange ideas, discover new, traveled halls outside world – which strengthens our goal to offer exceptional pieces.

For us it is important to travel, participate the fairs. That’s how we discovered talents sometimes little known that develop a craft, meticulous and unique work. Today we only work with two fashion brands – Marni and Thom Browne – because they are two brands that seek a look, but satisfy all standards of manufacturing eyewear in specialized workshops. Our other brands are coming designers from London, Berlin, Japan, France, Canada … chosen within a super punctual universe.

The shop also offers a unique service in Paris: atelier recovery.

“We own a studio, one of our passions and also our differential – work with older models, the fully restored. Like that pair of glasses that is part of the history of our client. It is a thorough and passionate work, see an old model recover all initial allure” admits smiling Milan.

Milan Lunetier Paris

Milan Lunetier Paris

Milan Lunetier Paris

Milan Lunetier Paris

Milan Lunetier Paris

Anyway, who are the designers who find this boutique exception? Thom Browne, Amaury, La Font Enfant, retrospects, Demetz Sport, Matsuda, Mylon, Rapp Eyewer …

And as I am a passionate by glasses, I could not resist and ended up choosing my new model … made in France by Caroline Abram. Loved!

Milan Lunetier Paris - Stella Pelissari

  • Milan Lunetier
  • 27, rue de Charonne 75011 Paris
  • T.: +33 1 72 10 31 65

Photos: ©Sébastien Muñoz

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