Messika: Diamond Excellence

The diamond is the most noble, the most beautiful and rarest of gems.

It is “the” celebrity in fine jewellery, comes in a vivid range of colours, shapes and sizes – and very often is part of a passionate story of love and commitment…

Messika -Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

It takes enormous effort and skill to locate and choose the perfect stones and then to transform them into a beautiful pieces of jewellery. Messika is one of those rare jewellers to have perfected this art. After only a few seasons, the diamond collections of Messika have won over the most famous women in the world, including Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, Kristina Bazan, Natalia Vodianova, … the list seems endless.

Messika -Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

Messika -Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

Behind this success is the Messika family, who have given their name to the brand. All the family are totally committed to producing beautifully designed, quality jewellery. The designer is the highly talented Valérie Messika. She is responsible for the growing success of the brand through her delightful creations that are modern, delicate and seductive, all revealing the brilliant beauty of diamonds.

Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

Valérie Messika and her fantastic diamonds

Valérie grew up in the world of fine jewellery. Her father, André Messika was key figure in the international diamond trade. Discovering and appreciating extraordinary gems was part of her childhood. Her eyes sparkle when she speaks of her passion for diamonds and her plans for Messika.

“I was born to see inside the diamond, says Valérie. My eyes have been trained to notice the smallest detail, the subtle shades of shadow, the most imperceptible character traits. ” For Valérie, “each diamond inspires a design in its own unique way”.

Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

Messika’s high end jewellery workshop is located in a beautiful Haussmann building, and it is where Valerie directs a highly skilled team of craftsmen like an orchestra conductor, directly all the talents of lapidary, polishers, goldsmiths, engravers and setters to produce the perfect piece.



The beauty of Messika jewellery lies in its absolute minimalism: even the most spectacular pieces like necklaces and earrings, sometime with over 70 carats of diamonds seem to float on the skin in sophisticated simplicity. All the pieces seem to have their own life – ethereal, delicate, visionary, yet very comfortable and wearable- created exactly for the modern woman of today.

This is the case of one of her most beautiful collections – the “Skinny” range.

Technologically ingenious, it is a result of long research and reflection to get the desired result and effect: diamonds that seem to float gracefully on the body. With exceptional flexibility, an invisible spring allows diamonds to fit all body types and sit on the skin like a precious tattoo. A real new way of wearing diamonds…



Another special collection is “Silk” range that sits on the skin like a fine silk garment. Inspired by “haute couture” and with innovative techniques, Valérie Messika has created jewellery that approaches the flexibility of tissues that hug the curves of the body, like a precious dress.


Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic


The Parisian flagship, a precious boudoir

In the famous and chic rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, the Messika boutique captures the exact alliance between elegance, femininity and boldness. It is like a modern boudoir that reflects a feminine and contemporary vision of jewellery.

Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

The ambiance is luxurious and confidential, but extremely welcoming. The decoration reflects the femininity of the brand, with pink and pale grey pearl tones – and with little stars shining between mirrors and screens that display celebrities using small works of art.

Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic

Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic


Messika is worth a visit for sure. You will find incredible jewellery in all price ranges. You will easily find yourself remembering the great song of Marilyn Monroe « Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ».

And Messika is certainly the best friend for the modern girl!
Messika _Paris-stella_pelissari_carnetchic


  • Messika
  • 259, rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris
  • Tèl : 01 42 61 34 38

Credit Photos: Website Messika – -plusiers photografes


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