Maty: Unique Jewellery

Jewellery always reminds us of a particular moment…A birthday, a Christmas or another special date…

And in Paris, Maty is a Jeweler that has been catering for all generations for 65 years…

Tracing trends and eras, his creations are the fruit of passionate professionals, all fervent defenders of a know-how inherent in its history.

For this story to be yours too, Maty is keen to accompany you at every moment, by advising you and making us available at any request. His desire to all: make your jewelry box a souvenir box.

From the heart of the jewel of a lifetime, MATY is a jewelery collection for all styles, budgets and occasions.

What we cherish most about this French jeweller is that we always find something in their boutique that I really want…


During a recent trip to Paris we visited the recently renovated boutique… How wonderful! More space and more open…


Precious stones in a thousand colours, rings, earrings, watches… all you could dream of!

Giving a jewel is always a beautiful proof of love … But how to make it personal? How to offer him THE jewel that resembles him?


As a jeweler, Maty puts all our know-how at work to bring this little “plus” to each of the jewels that you offer … to create a REALLY UNIQUE JEWEL with two different services:

 Jewelry to Engrave

You can engrave your most beautiful words of love and make it eternal … personalize jewels, watches, bracelets with words, drawings, manuscripts to immortalize the most beautiful moments of life


The Special Creations Workshop

Proof of love, overflowing imagination, second life for your jewels …? For all those who wish to play creators, our Creations Spéciales workshops are at your disposal and put all their know-how at work to give life to your best ideas …

You should just get a sketch or a simple description: the stylists of Maty will accompany you and interpret each of your wishes.

They will then submit a proposal accompanied by a free estimate.

Upon receipt of your agreement, its artisans will give life to your jewel according to the rules of the art, respecting your requirements. With MATY, become the creator of a unique jewel: yours.



Surely this will be a unique and memorable experience. Maty can turn his dream into reality by chronicling a single piece in a fast time at unbelievable prices …

Well worth a visit!


  • MATY
  • 4 Place de l’Opéra, 75002 Paris
  • Téléphone : 01 47 42 94 00

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