Luxury: The fridge for beauty products

Cosmetics Fridge COVER

Natural beauty is more than the sum of a few drops of a new ingredient. Above all, it’s the freshness of the product…

Mini Zzan

Mini Zzan

Consider beauty products like food: The fresher the product, the more beneficial are the results. Fresh food obviously differs from cosmetics, however, they both lose a lot of their essential goodness over a period of time – and indeed become no longer usable.

Products containing organic ingredients and pure substances need to last longer than some fruit but also need to keep the chemical free formulation, which often means removing many conventional preservatives and replacing them with natural preservatives…it also means the date of use is shorter. There are, therefore, huge benefits for storing these fragile beauty products in a cool, dark place. Most products are meant to be away from heat, light and sun. So, cooling is an important thing to do!

Of course, your standard kitchen refrigerator can get the job done.

But a fridge specifically for beauty products has become the luxury object of many New Yorkers – addicts of organic cosmetic creams and makeup. Smaller than the previous model, with a vintage design, this mini fridge fits perfectly in a “trendy” bathroom …

Mini Zzang Freedge

Mini-04, Mini Zzang, $169,99

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  1. It’s not too big, but enough for some creams . The price is in the article, about 200 dollars… kind regards, Stella

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