This week I’ve been visiting one of the most beautiful exhibitions I’ve seen in my life. And I could really understand how the myth Louis Vuitton was born.

A great French luxury brand has created another masterpiece – a breath-taking exhibition – an emotional voyage through time of its “savoir–faire” and of its sublime and magnificent craftsmanship over 160 years. The brand is LOUIS VUITTON, the exhibition is called “VOLEZ, VOGUEZ, VOYAGEZ” and it is exposed in an equally magnificent jewel of Parisian architecture of the “Grand Palais” in Paris. Rarely has such an exposition provided such a rich and moving experience, allowing us to be immersed in the myth and history of the foundations of a true luxury brand.


“Monsieur Vuitton” and his sons would be proud. At the age of 14, he travelled by foot to Paris where he would begin the creation of luggage that became instantly recognisable the world over. His creations were true objects of beauty and desire – but also functional and mobile for the jet- set traveller of the late 19th century.

There are more than 1,200 precious pieces in this very large exhibition that is wonderfully organised. There are 16 themes, where Vuitton has touched the life of world travellers. There are sections where products were designed for yachting, for trains, for aviation and automobile…for writer’s, for celebrities, royalty and Hollywood stars….it’s simply spectacular to see such beauty, such outstanding quality, such extravagant pieces used to accompany these “voyageurs” past and present.

Louis-Vuitton-Grand Palais by Stella Pelissari

Since its creation, the “maison” Vuitton has always been attentive to the demands of its demanding clientele…There was never any extravagance that they would not create…… Shower truck, bed trunk, or cigar trunk – in every situation, Vuitton matched the traveller’s ambition and unique needs with equal design ambition. Imagine a travel truck designed uniquely to allow the storage of 50 pairs of shoes…..a dream…., almost a fantasy.

The exposition is an invitation to live the myth of the brand through a single industrial and creative journey that invites the visitor to know the origin of this exceptional artisan “maletier” whose first clients included the Empress Eugenia.
Louis-Vuitton-Grand Palais by Stella PelissariLouis-Vuitton-Grand Palais by Stella Pelissari

The Grand Palais

The choice of the Grand Palais is perfect for such a historical voyage. Constructed in 1900 during one of the most spectacular World’s Fairs in Paris, it reflects the “grandeur” of Vuitton. At this turn of the century, George Vuitton organised in the Grand Palais a section dedicated to “Travel & Leather goods”. The Vuitton booth, surprisingly in the shape of a merry-go-round, presented its most innovative luggage and elegant bags and was the centre of attention.

lv_grand_palais7557_-rgrrgoire_vieilleLouis-Vuitton-Grand Palais

This exhibition is a tribute to the history of a group that knew how to transmit the excellence of a savoir faire saved as a treasure, savoir faire that revels that French products are the summit of true luxury experience.

Louis-Vuitton-Grand Palais by Stella Pelissari

Louis Vuitton

Ultimate luxury: the exhibition is free and the audio guide in several languages are also free. Unmissable!

See more in this video!


  • Until 21 February 2016
  • Grand Palais Salon d’Honneur
  • Square Jean Perrin, Champs Elysees,
  • Avenue du Général Eisenhower, Paris 8th

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