Louboutin beauty from head to toe

Christian Louboutin again shows how much admires the feminine universe and returns to surprise us with the launch of a line of perfumes.

In 2014, the shoemaker star had caused a surprise by the presentation the first line of nail polish, quickly followed by a line of lipsticks, highly desirable.

This month, Christian Louboutin invests a little more the world of cosmetics and unveiling three irresistible fragrances, conceived as the expression of different facets of Louboutin ‘s women.

Christian_louboutin _parfum

Trouble in Heaven is a mysterious and enveloping essence that combines iris, patchouli and oriental amber for a bold and opulent result who plays with codes of the provocation.



Bikini Questa Sera is a warm fragrance, exciting, terribly sensual, the tuberose and jasmine notes that evoke “the scent of sun melts into the skin.”



Finally, Tornado Blonde is a subtle blend of red rose, violet and blackcurrant that marks the romantic spirit and reminds the energy of love



“I sought to create a perfume as it apprehends a piano note,” says Christian Louboutin.« First the “ping” the first note of the fragrance as striking the key on a piano string, followed by a long resonance and the echo of the note that continues.

A scent that I imagined as the memory of a woman and the traces it leaves behind ” complete Louboutin.

fragrance-obj-02The bottles realized in collaboration with Heatherwick Studio, are up to the incredible pieces created by Christian Louboutin they feature a dynamic and sensuous allure, in a play of light that leave our imagined that the bottles are moving.

An exceptional collection available in stores Louboutin this weekend.

Parfums Christian Louboutin 
80 ml, 275 €


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