Lee Cooper: The perfect jean

Is there a more popular piece of clothing that’s found in every wardrobe than a pair of jeans? Basic, essential and extremely versatile, jeans have always been the “wildcard” for both men and women, be it for “casual Friday” at work, a weekend away without baggage, working in the garden or around the house or even for more sophisticated casual-chic look with a crisp white shirt and sports jacket.


But finding the “perfect” pair of jeans, that are comfortable, perfectly fitting and of quality is often not as simple as it appears, but the answer lies with the legendary brand Lee Cooper.

This English brand, founded by Morris Cooper over 100 years ago in 1908 by creating workwear and became known in later years for manufacturing military uniforms reputed for their strength and durability.

In 1946, Herold, the son of Cooper, guided the company into the making of clothing made in “denim” – a fabric in which they are one of the precursors. At the time, he added the maiden name of his wife Lee, thus officially creating the brand: Lee Cooper.

The success of their denim jeans and jackets was immediate and in the 1960s, the brand was worn by all of the English youth including stars such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin …Lee Cooper marked the era of “English Rock”, but also knew how to build a unique “savoir faire” in the quality and design of its products.

Jeans, denim, but also many tops options!

Today, throughout Europe, but especially in their shop in Paris, you can find a huge range of jeans that meet all your basic needs and you will be impressed by the immense variety of cuts and colours that are available nowadays.

Lee Cooper – Paris Store

It all starts with the options of cut and form – from skinny to relaxed- the variation of cuts will ensure that you will find what you are looking for. But as you know, it’s not just about the type of cut but also the quality of the fabric, which guarantees the comfort and feel good factor., the piece, the durability, the ideal colouring …

And Lee Cooper has more than a century of experience to meet these parameters and has earned itself the status of “icon” as the Europe’s first and oldest authentic denim brand and its almost artisanal product qualified as “premium “.

To be honest, finding a pair of jeans that “fits me like a glove” is a tricky job. Many times I did the tour of stores looking for a pair of cool jeans and I left often frustrated … And on my visit to the Lee Cooper Store in Paris, I found two perfect models that have become the favorite pieces of my day-to-day life and my weekly trips.

My “Day” Model  – in light gray!

My "Nigth" Model - Bright and fun

My “Nigth” Model – Bright and fun

Lee Cooper denim is so soft and pleasant and when you wear it you feel like it’s a second skin. When visiting their stores, no need to hesitate on choice. Being such excellent value – take them all!

  • Lee Cooper – Paris Store
  • 91 Rue de Rivoli · +33 1 40 28 49 78
  • www.leecooper.fr


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