Le bon Marché in Paris : Celebrating Italian Elegance

After paying tribute to Brooklyn, NY and Paris, Le Bon Marché is currently honouring Italian lifestyle and culture from September 6th to October 22nd for its grand retrospective exhibition, “La Famiglia Rive Gauche”.

The Bon Marche event explores Italian fashion, beauty, design, art and cuisine through the eyes of an authentic, charismatic Italian family, as if each member has selected their favourite objects and themes for the visitor and who then proudly show us the secrets of that unique “arte de vivre” that is so admired by the whole world.

With the exhibition “La Famiglia Rive Gauche”, Le Bon Marché takes the rhythm of “dolce vita” and allows us discover the riches of a country that fascinates us so much.


On the Fashion side, Le Bon Marché highlights an unexpected and contemporary vision of the Italian style, bringing together emerging brands and ancestral know-how.

Elegance seems to be second nature to Italian men and women who are able to combine their natural charm and style with a mischievous touch of creativity. As part of the exhibition “La Famiglia Rive Gauche”, Le Bon Marché is putting Italian fashion to the forefront through numerous ephemeral boutiques, exclusive pieces and the latest collections of avant-garde designers. Represented are typical Italian brands such as Wait & See and Parden’s, and iconic houses such as Prada and Marco de Vicenzo.


Famous Italian Houses have come together to celebrate their “savoir faire”and pay tribute to Italian elegance through numerous pop-ups spaces. They also have specially designed unique pieces for this exhibition, created exclusively for Le Bon Marché.  PRADA for example has developed a collection of leather goods, shoes and ready-to-wear for women, including a bag that displays the Spanish Square in Rome.

For men, Le Bon Marché takes us on a walk along the Italian roads and reveals the dynamic face of a country, where technology is also a part of the great Italian Industrial knowhow. You can see fantastic bicycles, electronic gadgets and of course famous Italian cloths.


A unique moment of conviviality, the meal is an institution in Italy and the exhibition La Famiglia Rive Gauche” allows us to discover the cuisine, the gastronomy and the art of the table in the pure Italian tradition: ingredients, delicatessen products but also beautifully designed tableware, including dishes, glass and other decorative objects.

FUNKY TABLE, Milan’s famous concept store, presents its collections of joyful and offbeat objects  and utensils for the kitchen and home. AL DENTE LA SALSA and IL GELATO DEL MARCHESE let toy discover and taste their assortments of pasta, sauces and ice-creams made with respect for authentic ingredients.


And to complete this immersive journey into Italian history and architecture, artist Edoardo Tresoldi celebrates the cultural heritage of his country by designing two monumental installations, under the name of “Aura”, creating two domes, which interact with the Italian Renaissance and the ruins of historic buildings. These ghostly architectural shapes transform the store into a timeless sculptural space.

  • Exhibition “La Famiglia Rive Gauche” to be discovered from 6 September to 22 October at Bon Marché on all storeys of the store.

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