Korloff Paris: Dream Jewelry

Installed a few steps from the prestigious and luxurious Place Vendome in Paris, the Korloff boutique is home to a unique collection of very fine and creative collection of jewellery and timepieces.

Korloff’s story started from one of the most enigmatic diamonds in the world, a unique 88-carat, which belonged to the Russian family of Korloff Sapojnikoff. During the Russian Revolution, they left everything behind with the exception of the Black Korloff, a talisman held by the family for generations. Charmed by its legend and its incredible beauty, Daniel Paillasseur, now the proud owner of the gem, named his company after this magical diamond.

It is one of the largest black diamonds in the world and a symbol of the Korloff House. In a tribute to the original 88-karat Black Korloff, the exceptional know-how of Korloff that gave birth to the size 88 facets – a new cut of the diamond, with a unique brightness, cut into a round shape has 40 facets on the crown and 48 on the pavilion. Protected by international patents, Korloff 88 faceted sizes, is internationally recognized as a new size.


Korloff’s uniqueness also stems from its creative approach and use of exceptional gemstones and in particular the diamond which has been a symbol of the brand since its foundation. To complement these precious gemstones, Korloff masters the great Russian tradition of lacquer, which is a trademark of the brand. It masters this technique in a wonderfully delicate way, that only decades of craftsmanship and tradition can do. Using over14 different lacquer colours, Korloff is able to produce such distinct and customised pieces.

Its Saint Petersburg collection, introduced in 1981, is still considered by many as a collection that has marked jewellery history in France. These exceptional pieces made by hand take about 17 days to be complete and performs Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are true works of art.


Korloff is of course known for its innovative diamond cuts, it surprised everyone with the K73 collection – where the octagonal shaped diamond has 73 facets giving rise to a sophisticated collection of engagement rings that combines elegance and modernity.

The ring collection is stunning. The Yasmine, Luna, Instants Precieux range are perfectly crafted with great attention paid to detail. The Luna collection for example plays on the characteristics of the moon with crescent shapes, diamonds emblematic of the stars and the sheen of mother of pearl that add magical harmony to the design. The Lumiere collection uses a technique of carefully placing a multitude of diamonds in clusters that results in an illusion a large stone. Designs in this collection are traditional, with a modern chic touch, integrating white and yellow diamonds to increase contrast and brilliance.

Korloff has also successfully produced a fine range of very elegant timepieces, using its in house expertise and designed a timepiece with two watch dials with a bi-material bracelet which can be either casual or sophisticated, depending on the occasion. The manufacture of these excellent timepieces is always exclusive and in limited edition.

One of our favourite timepieces is in the Saint Petersburg’s collection that has been inspired by the family’s Russian heritage. The slim ladies 18ct ladies watch also features the royal emblems of the city and the elaborate decoration of the dial of the watch is directly taken from the architectural designs featured on the palace gate

When in Paris and strolling down the beautiful street of rue de la Paix, Korloff is a most wonderful pace to visit and buy a lifetime piece of very special jewellery.

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