Karl Lagerfeld unveils first jewelery collection

Karl Lagerfeld never ceases to innovate and amaze us as he announces the launch of a new jewellery line in partnership with Swarovski.

Audacity and elegance

Karl Lagerfeld’s design genius and iconic style is immediately recognisable iconic as he marries modern shapes and classic appeal, reworking traditional designs to create innovative pieces saturated with meaning.

Inspired by Inca jewellery, the highly stylised serpents and sacred circles of this collection lend these pieces a hypnotic allure. Dazzling white crystals reflect the light in a thousand different directions while the larger, rich blue crystals are like deep sea reflections.

Three distinct lines are advertised by his brand with two collections per year:

The first, titled “Ikonik” will resume the aesthetic rock and Parisian chic, typical of the look of Karl himself.

Karl Klassik“, the second line is inspired by Herbie, the famous cat and also includes the iconic leaning writing Lagerfeld.

Finally, the third line, “Essentials“, will bring together pieces with an elegant and pointed style, with celestial inspirations. The entirety of the pieces offered – necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings – will obviously play on the magic of Swarovski crystals.

For fans of the prolific imaginative creator, we will have to wait until September for these pieces that you will find in Karl Lagerfeld shops or in a selection of Swarovski shops.

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