Jun Ashida: Perfection in Design

In Japan, design is perceived as an integral part of daily life and the “savoir vivre” typical of this country of the rising sun.

In Paris, and more specificially in the heart of Rue Saint Honoré, which is one of the most fancy addresses of the City, you will find Jun Ashida – the boutique of the famous Japanese designer.

Jun Ashida is a reference in Japan. His name gravitates in the high stratosphere of Japanese luxury and his work is equivalent to the perfection of the great French luxury brands.

Awarded and honoured multiple times in the last 50 years of his career, he was for over 10 years the exclusive designer of the Japanese crown Princess, and that has become the Empress. Today he designs clothes for members of the imperial family and the most important ladies of the japanese high society. The boutique in Paris houses the collection of Jun Ashida, but also of Tae Ashida, his daughter who follows with the same rigor and precision in her father’s footsteps.

Jun Ashida

Jun Ashida

Behind a discreet window, you will find two floors of absolute luxury. Black lacquer furniture in contrast with the immaculate white carpet and a beautiful staircase leads to the upper floor where a discreet lounge invites us to pause for a coffee while you try clothes on in a calm and welcoming space.
Jun Ashida
Jun Ashida
Jun Ashida

Jun Ashida

A place where you find clothes that one can truly call “couture”.

Each piece has an odd creativity, aesthetically supported and based on the rigor that pursuit of excellence to perfection. The suits, blazers, skirts and pants have a flawless fit. Everything seems to have been tailor-made for you. And if the Jun Ashida clothes are sophisticated and discreet, Tae signs a collection with a younger profile and bold in extremely modern clean lines.

Jun Ashida Collection

Jun Ashida-001Jun Ashida-002

Tae Ashida Collection

Was Tae, who created the famous “Leather-Pats” made in French elastic leather, which are worn with shoes creating the appearance of long boots. This season, they appear vivid and even striped colours, combined with mesh and zipper, short the knee length, the leather pats are a simple way to create in a snap a sexy and glamorous look…

Tae Ashida

Tae Ashida

And lastly its impossible not to be seduced by “MINA-TAN CHARM”. Since 2013, in order to support reconstruction in Minamisanriku, Tae Ashida, along with local artisans, she uses left-over or disregarded pieces of materials to create miniature and cute soft toy accessories, that are limited editions and usually of our favourite animals, like teddy bears and horses. Each piece is unique, made with love and precision with high quality materials.

According with a famous a Japanese saying …

“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”

Jun Ashida

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