Iris in Paris!

The Bon Marche has excelled in organising some of the best expositions in Paris over the last couple of years. This up-market department store that is located in the fashionable “Left Bank” area of Paris is constantly in tune with the most important events or personalities that shape the world of fashion, art and design and has brought us some great artists from all over the world.

Once again, Le Bon Marche has succeeded in bringing its clients and visitors an icon and personage of design and fashion: Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel �Gabriel de la chapelle

But who is Iris Apfel? Once you see her photo – you will immediately recognise her with her extravagant dress style, load bright colours and her signature thick round framed glasses

Iris is true fashion muse in the United States and is renowned for her work as an interior designer. Despite her age ( 94 !), she continually surprises and delights us with her creativity and impressive eccentricity.

Iris in paris - Stella PelissariApfel Iris Iris Barrel was born in Queens in New York in 1921. She developed at a young age a particular interest the dress code and in 1948, she founded her company “Old World Weavers” which has developed fantastic interior design projects for the most famous people all over the world. Between 1950 and 1992, she was personally sought after by nine presidents of the United States to restore several rooms of the White House. Along this journey, she has been lovingly assisted by her husband.

Expo Iris in Paris Bon Marche Rive Gauche copyright Gabriel de la Chapelle HD-8

Expo Iris in Paris Bon Marche Rive Gauche

Expo Iris in Paris Bon Marche Rive Gauche copyright Gabriel de la Chapelle HD-1

They both travelled the world for inspiration and it allowed them to find the perfect piece of furniture and special decorative pieces and clothes from long forgotten cultures and ethnic minorities. It was this constant search that gave this couple their uniqueness in design. Their discoveries has allowed them to bring the most explosive accessories and decorative clothing to the great fashion creators in the world.

Iris Apfel

Today Iris Apfel is one of the most influential personalities in the world of design and fashion. Her unbridled taste for colour and eccentric fashion jewellery and accessories has made her the queen of avant-garde fashion and Le Bon Marche has once again surprised us by sharing with us the immense talent of Iris Apfel.

Vitrine Iris Apfel au parc - expo Bon Marche Rive Gauche- HD - 7

Expo Iris in Paris Bon Marche Rive Gauche copyright Gabriel de la Chapelle HD-3

The exposition – “Iris in Paris” is a wonderful themed journey around famous Parisian landmarks. « Iris in the Tuileries Garden », « Iris at the flea market », » Iris at the Opéra », « Iris at Le Bon Marché »… each situation is staged with a special look and thought. Ten display-trunks and short films recreate situations that meld typical Paris scenes with her singular personality where she recounts the genesis of each of the looks, which were created for the trunks from her own personal collection.

Vitrines Iris Apfel expo Bon Marche Rive Gauche- HD - 2

In one trunk, Iris gives us a perfect example of her world of fashion. In this case a dress……”It’s a perfect dress to go dancing. You can sit and stand up easily because the skirt is not too huge. On this dress, while the volume is concentrated at the top, the lower leaves allow freedom of movement, not as a pencil skirt for example. All of the jewellery is from minorities peoples in China. These are several pieces that have been mounted and assembled together. I find it very original and I like to wear jewellery that is creative and unique. I find it more interesting with a very primed dress. ”

Iris in Paris-lllustration par Eric Giriat

The mischievous spirit of Iris has been captured in colourful sketches by Eric Giriat, exhibited in the store’s windows and on the first floor. Iris has created a collection of objects in collaboration with many different brands, including the own brand of Le Bon Marché. They obviously include her famous super-size glasses that is the signature of this remarkable lady of fashion!

She reminds us “Having Fun is the best revenge ohlala !”

  • “Iris in Paris”
  • From February 27 to April 16, Iris Apfel.
  • 24, rue de Sèvres
  • 75007 Paris

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