Inamo, Interactive Restaurant

Alone in London and without company for dinner, I decided to try out a new and exciting dining concept so different and engaging that I was sure to be entertained!

I hopped in a taxi and headed towards Soho… I arrived at Inamo, the only interactive restaurant in Europe where I had reserved my table as the restaurant is very busy. To be honest, neither my neighbours nor I had the time to take in that I was alone as the majority of people were preoccupied by the novel interactive menus rather than looking around them… I love the concept!

It was very simple to navigate the menu, almost like a giant video game!

With your fingertips you can easily decide which meal you would like to appear at your table… A variety of landscapes and an explosion of colour decorate and illuminate your table… While looking at the menu, an image of each meal (starter, main course, dessert, etc.) is projected onto your plate as well as all the different drink options (wine, beer and saki)… without the need for a waiter you can send your order to the kitchen using your screen and include the order which you would like each dish to arrive. Furthermore, you can modify your orders and approve the bill before you receive any surprises!

The food was delicious… don’t forget to try the dishes with truffles which are very reasonably priced.

A fantastic location to spend time with friends or by yourself… I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

A very special culinary experience which is worth the trip…

  • Inamo
  • 34-136 Wardour Street
  • London

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