H.Stern: The Ultimate in Luxury Jewellery

H.Stern Cover

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend….and without a doubt, a beautiful jewel is one of the most wonderful and sublime things a woman can own and proudly wear. And as time passes, I am more and more impressed by the talent, beauty and elegance of fine pieces that H. Stern inspires and produces.

I’ve known the brand since my childhood – I grew up seeing my mother wearing some jewels from H Stern – gifts from my dear father.

Always uniquely beautiful – from the simple to the extravagant, it was the combination of precious stones that created a true bouquet of colours!

I’m a fan of models created by Oscar Niemeyer* – I love the idea that we use a jewel as a second skin, which is part of our daily lives, a jewel that will never leave us. Niemeyer who left his revolutionary ideas on monuments in the four corners of the world, has designed a special collection for H Stern.

(*Niemeyer was responsible for the project of Brasilia, Brazil’s capital that was constructed in the late 50’s. He was also responsible for many other iconic buildings, including ONU’s headquarters in New York, a collaboration with French master – Le Corbusier.)

The Niemeyer Collection, lightweight and full of curves like the architectural designs – inspired by the curves of the woman, but also by the mountains, the ocean, the clouds. The result is an incredibly light weight, clean lined design in yellow or white gold, sometimes with small diamonds.

I was in the Parisian store and I, of course, took the opportunity to try all the pieces that fascinated me!
I discovered that H.Stern created a gold colour called “Noble Gold”. This took over 2 years of study and more than 180 metallic combinations to achieve the perfect result. This secret belongs only H.Stern.

Finally, it was easy enough to decide my favourite collection – It’s called “Star” (The translation of Stella in Italian!!), I love everything with stars and this collection is absolutely perfect with it’s with modern design.

The Star line also uses a unique diamond cut. It’s the result of three years of painstaking research and was a huge challenge for to the lapidary artists. The mix of shapes , like pebbles found in nature, produces an effect that reflects more light than traditional stones because light reflects all sides of the cut …

Other collections that fascinate me: Rock Season line that is inspired by nature, Spring, Moonlight, Cobblestones…
But it is not only I who is in love with H.Stern … The celebrities from all around the world also are fascinated by this iconic brand.


H.Stern – Boutique Castiglione

  • Hotel Westin
  • 3 rue de Castiglione
  • Paris 75001
  • Phone 00 331 42602227

H.Stern – Le Printemps

  • 64 boulevard Haussmann
  • Paris 75009
  • Phone 00 331 42824548

H.Stern Frankfurt

  • International Airport of Frankfurt
  • Terminal 1, B Transit

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