Gucci brings you back to The Garden Of Eden

Gucci has delighted it’s admirers with a limited-edition collection especially created for Christmas.  Launched this weekend with an international advertising campaign called “Gucci Gift 2016” the advert is a short, yet beautiful promotional film, with theme based on the biblical story of Adam and Eve.


Referencing the pure and elemental beauty of the natural world, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele has planted a thriving Gucci Garden where wildlife and flora appear in romantic and colourful prints and as embellishments throughout this collection.

gucci-gift-giving-2-carnetchic_stella_pelissariThe film, realized by the famous artist and director Floria Sigismondi in association with Alessandro Michele, presents the Gucci gift collection in a fantastical, dream-like Gucci Garden, evoking a perfect blend of myth and reality.

Gucci_stella_pelissariBeautiful plants and animals such as tigers, zebras, exotic birds, bees and even a unicorn, all living gracefully in this Garden of paradise, creating a magical world of natural plenitude in which youthful Adams and Eve exist in innocence and harmony.


The evil snake also makes an appearance, evoking the temptation of Adam and Eve in the garden – as the same temptation that this range of fabulous Gucci’s products will give to many shoppers this holiday time! But this is one temptation that any lady will be forgiven to buy.


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