Gabrielle, the lady of Palais Royal

Palais Royal is one of my favorite places in Paris, so much so that I ended up adopting it as “my place”. Winter or Summer, I love walking through the arcades or sitting in the garden watching life pass by…

It was like that, about 10 years ago when I met Gabrielle Geppert. A unique woman, like her shop GG, Gabrielle’s vintage fashion place  is where I find the inspiration to create a “new look”.  It’s difficult not to gasp before the refined selection of pieces from old collections of Chanel, Hermès, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent among others,  that have been so carefully and passionately chosen by Gabrielle herself.

Gabrielle Geppert

But who is Gabrielle? A lady with long blond hair and a smile that lights up this mythical place (as Jean Cocteau said, “a small city within a city surrounded by a Chinese wall” which is the Palais Royal). With a passion for vintage pieces, she opened her first shop, then a second…

As one of the first propietaires to own a boutique in this secret address, her stores are the hang out spots for lovers of beauty and luxury earning her respect amongst the notable vintage clothing experts in Paris. Like a true professional, her sharp eye can recognize a Chanel suit or a beautiful YSL bag from afar.

The old shop, with accessories and gems, is called “Gabrielle Gepper Luxury & Vintage”. It’s the perfect place to find rare pieces by prestigious designers.


Gabrielle GeppertHer second store, a few meters away, is the mirror of this lady and her love of art and fashion. She created her own line “Gabrielle Gepper” that includes handbags, accessories, jewelry and t-shirts, all made ??in the most prestigious studios in France.


If you like rare fashion, you will love this special boutique and will be charmed by the smile and hospitality of this German lady with an Italian accent, northern face and chic Parisian style…

gg_slide2 GGeppert

  • Gabrielle Geppert
  • 31-34 Galerie Montpensier
  • Jardins du Palais Royal
  • 75001 Paris
  • Email :
  • Phone : 00 33 1 42 61 53 52 / 00 33 1 42 61 53 52

After a busy days shopping, take the weight off your feel at Muscade, a typically French restaurant in beautiful surroundings. Try your best to eat on the terrace so you can marvel at the beautiful garden. Opt for a refreshing glass of rose in the Summer or a hot chocolate in cooler temperatures…. and don’t forget to indulge in the amazing pastries by Catherien Allain.

  • Muscade
  • 36, rue de Montpensier (67, galerie Montpensier)
  • 75001 Paris
  • Tel: 01 42 97 51 36

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