Eyeshow in Paris: Luxury for your eyes

A pair of sunglasses is most definitely the perfect example of a fashion accessory that you can change again and again – all year round. They enhance not only your eyes and face but also tells a story about your style and personality.

The first pair of the year is usually for the ski holiday. Actually, you probably will need two pairs – a durable and sporty pair for the serious skiing that don’t easily fall off and a more fashionable pair for the “apres-ski”, where you will want to be attract envious glances for having the most fashionable and unique pair of sunglasses.

Then it’s summer when you will want a more relaxed style, colourful frames with pretty patterns. Autumn requires a more formal and discreet design.

Of course, for the real fashion conscious, you also need to try and have a nice selection of normal eyewear and choosing a comfortable pair that compliments your face is essential. But if you are lucky enough to need just sunglasses… difficult today is to resist the urge to buy several pairs of sunglasses throughout the year.

And I have found the perfect store in Paris that has the most fantastic selection of both eyewear. It’s called “Eyeshow” – it’s an incredible store, just a few steps from the Garnier Opera House of Paris. In this store, you will be completely amazed by the great selection the most prestigious brands and also from independent creators. The service is top class, with a highly professional and friendly staff to help and advise you select the right model!

For over 10 years, Eyeshow has built a solid reputation as a leader and innovator in eyewear fashion, the shop presents a unique selection of frames in an exclusive preview, in limited editions …

Between several famous brands for men and women, It’s hard to decide with all the choice like the retro XXL sized models or the butterfly shapes. Other tempting alternatives are the retro-inspired round sunglasses, futuristic cat eyes models and the old classic Aviators, including the latest models by Chanel, Dior, Celine, Cartier, Prada, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana but also confidential designers and limited edition by Mykita, Stark, Oliver People, Dita, Jacques Marie Mage, Kaleos, Cutler and Gross and masculine models, by Persol exclusive for Steven McQueen.

I was surprised with a fantastic selection of sunglasses for women …

And a special selection for men…

I was totally enchanted by the models of Jacques Marie Magé and luckily, I got a pair as a gift that will accompany me all this summer!

I just love this models!

And if you really want to “raise the bar”, Eyeshow is the only place I know that sells fashionable glasses made in pure solid gold! A rare jewel, ultra design and adapted to your exact measurements…

are aware of the latest trends and innovations and bring both together in this exceptional store. They are able to prepare and make your prescription eyeglasses in just one hour, thanks to their aesthetic expertise and technical know-how, indispensable in selecting the best premium prescription lenses, thanks to last generation measurements Expert 4 of the brand Activisu by Essilor (world leader in optical measurement solutions).

A great Optician, a treasure trove of designs, just waiting for you to visit!

  • 50 Rue de la Chaussée d’Antin, 75009 Paris, France
  • 10:00–19:30
  • Téléphone : +33 1 42 80 08 84
  • Tourists from outside the EU are even able to get a refund of the sales tax (called VAT)




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