EX NIHILO – a Perfume Made for You!

Choosing a perfume is like choosing clothes that we wear simply for work or for special occasions and events and certainly in function of our mood and even the weather. It reveals not only our personality and state of mind, but it is also an “invisible” but “perceptible” way of leaving our personal mark wherever we go.

Among hundreds of perfume fragrances, we always look for a perfume that is “unique”, that harmonizes with our style and season.

Ordering a tailor-made perfume is possible, but it can be quite expensive and a very long process. So this is where we encounter the French perfumer, Ex-Nihilo, who offers a different and unique experience from the other luxury brands by proposing an avant-garde and creative personalization of perfume – just for you, by combining the most splendid raw materials of perfumery, creating olfactory notes that correspond to the style and the preference of each person.

The pursuit of perfection through personalization

Each perfume is personalized with combinations of ingredients that enhance the initial scent and allow sublimating the fragrance by highlighting one of the existing scents and by giving it a new creative twist.

Made to order, these “nectars” are produced with a strict protocol and using a high precision dosing machine called the Osmologue, a little jewel of technology and design, whose outer coating of highly-polished brass is a respectful nod to traditional alembics.

All creations are presented, weighed, filtered, bottled and perfected by a team of experts in front of the client guaranteeing a perfect fragrance balance.

But the pursuit of excellence goes beyond that – to compliment your unique perfume, you can also customize the glass bottle with laser engraving with your name, initials, a date or a simple and secret word as well as the lid, which can be finished in refined materials such as mother of pearl, onyx, buffalo horn among other options.

Devil Tender –  fantastic surprise!

Visiting the Parisian store in the chic street “Rue Saint Honoré” I had the opportunity to discover the new perfume created by Ex Nihilo – Devil Tender – and I was totally seduced for this boldly sexy new fragrance.

Built around a lush Bulgarian rose, equally fresh and ravishingly rich, Devil Tender takes that feminine beauty and adds a touch of the transgressed.

Despite its delicate appearance, the fragrance is cheeky and exudes a subtly spicy scent refreshed with a citrus pinch that comes from the grapefruit.

A woody and sensual background surrounds elegant and soft notes expressing a vibrant eroticism.

  • Ex Nihilo – Parisian Custom Perfume House.
  • 352, rue Saint-Honoré – 75001 Paris
  • Available also at Harvey Nichols in London 

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