Eredi Jovon: an Italian pearl…

I think Italy is one of the most beautiful places of the world. And Venice the most romantic city I know, especially in the spring, when the weather and temperatures are perfect.

Every time that I visit this city I feel like I’m living in a period movie, walking its streets or taking a gondola ride…It’s all just an unforgettable pleasure…

Everywhere you look, you discover something charming. But in the middle of this unique city, there is a pearl within a pearl …It is the jewellery designer Eredi Jovon, which is located on the most beautiful bridge in the world – Rialto Bridge – It’s the third generation of the family that is making the most beautiful cameos from Italy…

Eredi Jovon

The store itself resembles a Pandora’s box of jewels … Your eyes will light up with the fantastic array of unique jewellery made with traditional and centuries-old techniques … Gabriella and her children will fondly explain the history of Venetian Murano glass, as well as the origin of stones like coral, turquoise, agate, nacre and art transforms them into unique handmade jewellery, in the finest of Italian tradition.

familia Jovon

A cameo … a heirloom to last generations…

Cameo is more than just a piece of jewellery, it really is a work of art and part of Italian history, made for life and to be passed on to future generations. Its rare and full of meaning – some historians believe that the word “cameo » derives from the Hebrew/Arabic word “Kamea” which means charm or amulet…


Mother with Child

Mother with child cameo is one of the best subjects for a cameo – and certainly one of the designs that I really appreciate. The Jovon Family has produced this cameo for 3 generations. It really catches what is the sense of an Italian cameo: a piece destined to be passed on to future generations, as a symbol of family love.



Customize Cameos from a photo

Can you imagine some more special that offer a unique jewelry gift to your partner or a special friend?

A customized Cameo portrait will for sure make them happy or why not buy a gift for yourself and wear your loved one’s portrait in a beautiful Cameo Jewel close to your heart.

The custom portrait cameos are hand carved from your photos into a Cameo Gemstone.
Eredi Jovon can create a portrait cameo Custom made directly from your photos or file. Just upload the image with the picture of your loved one, relative or pet and you’ll receive a free estimate within 24 hours.


The ring Felicita

Another beautiful piece is the “Felicita” ring in gold, made in traditional Venetian filigree … A stylish piece and according to local superstition, attracts fortune and love … I love it!

Ring Felicita

  • Eredi Jovon
  • Ponte di Rialto, 5325 San Marco – Venezia – Italy
  • Tel.: +39 041 5228979

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